Tuesday, March 26, 2013


PART I - White Flint Mall Demolition
PART II - Inside a Dying Mall

Welcome again, as we examine the less-reported side of the post-sector plan White Flint. One major story is the intentional decline of White Flint Mall, where demolition has already started, to make way for a future "town center."

I can remember dining at Cheesecake Factory there just a few years ago on a Sunday, and being unable to find a parking space in the large lot out front.

Last Sunday, I returned at the same dinner hour, and was able to find a space quite easily.

Meanwhile, other mall parking lots that used to hold cars were completely empty.


Anonymous said...

I spoke with someone in the commercial leasing business a few days ago, and they said White Flint has a deal with the remaining tenants that they pay no rent, and instead just a percentage of gross sales, as a way to keep them there during this transition.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the restaurants are remaining draw right now.

1:35PM's comment may explain why there are still some major chain stores open in the mall considering there's virtually no traffic in the mall compared to Westfield Montgomery.

I doubt we'll see any of the small businesses re-open in the new "town center". Remember all the wonderful small businesses that were going to re-open in Rockville Town Center? The few that did all closed (i.e. Waygoose) and chains rule there.

Robert Dyer said...

Interesting arrangement. Hopefully that will help the smaller businesses a bit as they try to find another space. Of course, with mall traffic down, overall profits are likely hurting as much as the overhead.

Robert Dyer said...

Yeah, that "we want to retain the existing businesses" is always complete bunk. It's not possible to have something like Eden Center under the new White Flint, Rockville Pike or Wheaton sector plans, and that really hurts diversity in our county.