Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Excavation continues at the 8300 Wisconsin Avenue mixed-use development site. This is at the intersection with Battery Lane. The project will also include a Harris Teeter grocery store inside the residential building. StonebridgeCarras is the developer, but the construction contractor is Donohoe.

I remember this site best as a Ramada Inn. The hotel changed hands later on to a different brand, before the building was finally demolished. At one point, a developer had planned a project called, The Trillium, but that fell through. The site has been a vacant embarrassment for years, and now finally something is happening. I'm a bit more pumped to have a Harris Teeter now that they are owned by Kroger. I always liked the selection they had at Kroger in Nashville.


Anonymous said...

The Ramada also housed a bar called Chatters.

Anonymous said...

Any Chatters regulars out there?

Anonymous said...

A while ago they announced that "rock blasting" would have to occur for the construction to continue... Does anyone know if they have actually done this type of blasting?