Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The Montgomery Farm Women's Co-op Market on Wisconsin Avenue at Willow Lane has been limited to outdoor vending since a car damaged its building last week. While assessing the damage, county inspectors placed a do-not-occupy notice on the structure, for safety reasons. And the Mercedes Benz that was driven into the building had to be left in place, until it could be removed without further structural damage to the historic Bethesda market.

The good news is that preliminary inspections apparently suggest the damage can be repaired. According to Carol Carrier, a longtime flower vendor with Plant Masters at the market, the county and engineers will oversee an attempt to carefully remove the Mercedes Benz from the building today.

If successful, and if repairs to the building can be completed in time, the market is targeting this Saturday, November 16, as the reopening date for the indoor portion of the market. Stay tuned, in case the date changes.

This is important to the vendors, as we are not only having a chilling turn of weather, but Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, as well. With people in need of everything from produce for dinner to flowers for table centerpieces, farmers markets can expect a boost in traffic in the days before November 28.

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