Thursday, July 05, 2018

Launch Workplaces to open August 1 in Bethesda

Launch Workplaces, a coworking space also offering services for small businesses, will open August 1 in Bethesda. While there are several coworking spaces already in town, what's notable about Launch is that they've chosen a suburban location at the Shops at Sumner Place.

Construction has been underway on the large, second floor space for most of 2018. When completed, Launch's workspace will feature large windows with plenty of natural light, and a quieter, greener setting than downtown - with the added perks of free WiFi and free parking. Good luck finding the latter in downtown Bethesda. There are also several good restaurants in the same shopping center, as well as takeout lunch options from Safeway and Bethesda Market.

To get a sneak preview, and enjoy light appetizers and cocktails, RSVP for the Launch open house on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 from 4:00-7:00 PM. Launch is already leasing spaces, and will be located at 4701 Sangamore Road, Suite 100N.


Anonymous said...

I used a coworking space in Bethesda (Serendipity) and parking was a mess because the Waverly Street garage would fill up by 10am. On the other hand, it was downtown so easy to get to many lunch options and also a health club.

This will benefit from easy parking as you note, but lunch options are only average. Subway, the Chinese place, and the deli.

Any idea on pricing?

Anonymous said...

who would buy lunch at Safeway when Praline is just a few shops down?

Anonymous said...

This is the next Lakeforest Mall.

Sumner has really gone downhill since all the MS-13 banggangers moved in.