Thursday, January 31, 2008


Bill Would Give Montgomery County
Executive and Council Candidates
Taxpayer Money to Run for Office

Law Would Not Address Unfair Media
Advantage Enjoyed By Democrats

District 16 Democratic delegate Susan Lee has introduced a bill on behalf of Montgomery County Councilmember Phil Andrews that would create taxpayer funding for county executive and council races in Montgomery County. The bill is carefully structured to keep money out of the hands of average-income citizens who run for office, so it is not evening the playing field. It furthermore does not address the strong liberal bias of newspapers such as The Washington Post and The Gazette. These papers are the primary source of news and give extensive, favorable coverage to Democrats only. Maryland Republicans are rarely mentioned in these and other local media outlets.

So the Democrats will still have a strong advantage, but Republicans who can raise big money will have lost their place in the public dialogue. This is not only absurdly unfair, but also a violation of the 1st Amendment. (Of course, you know Democrats are experts at violating Constitutional amendments).

The grand irony of this is that Ms. Lee is the member of the District 16 delegation who takes the least special interest money. She has the largest number of small contributions from ordinary citizens and small business owners of any Democrat in the district.

Obviously, we would like to have big developer money out of elections. But unless a new law requires Equal Coverage in the press, it is patently unfair to the average citizen who runs for public office. Fundraising is an extremely unpleasant part of politics; but unfortunately that is the system which allows the most freedom of speech. Government has no business meddling in free speech and free elections.


Post and Gazette Use Realtor as
Main Source for 2 Articles in 48 Hours

Bethesda realtor Jane Fairweather was used as the main source for 2 separate articles in the Post and Gazette within 48 hours. These articles were on the housing slump, or lack thereof, in the expensive neighborhoods of Bethesda.

Now there are an infinite number of realtors in our area, such as Matthew Maury, Brian Maury, and even my brother, Scott Dyer (whose real estate website, I must add, will be online soon at ). So, why Jane Fairweather? Honestly, I have no idea. But the Post Co. should diversify its real estate sources. One person does not have all the answers.

But this reminded me of something that is relevant to this blog and the impending redevelopment of the Westbard Sector.

I recall Ms. Fairweather as being a driving force behind the purchase of the Kenwood Place condo property by its residents - a deal that was bad for the residents, in my opinion. The condos would initially be harder to sell, with any prospective purchaser having to add that additional debt to his or her new mortgage.

While it was positive to keep the Kenwood Place as a residential buffer for the neighborhood, I don't think it was a good deal for two other reasons.

First, the complex could wind up on the back side with loading docks for a new Capital Properties mixed use development. I say that because outsiders and newcomers are, for whatever reason, appalled that the rear of the shopping center faces Westbard Ave. They don't understand the reason this was originally done, so they are determined to change it.

Second, the complex is beginning to age rapidly and will be quite expensive for the residents - now owners - to maintain.

Here are excerpts from the Washington Post in 2005 on the Kenwood Place saga:

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent Jane Fairweather presented an analysis of the prices of comparable units and of future condo demand. She estimated that Kenwood Place units were selling for 26 percent less than similar condos, and that the situation would only worsen as the lease expiration date approached.

Her report concluded that if the condo association didn't buy the land, "it will remain the 'step sister at the ball that never gets to dance.' "

One other relevant point from that story, was that CP's Richard Cohen offered pennies on the dollar for the Kenwood Place property! That was absolutely ridiculous, given that houses sell for up to $2 million in Bethesda. Kenwood Place is a huge piece of property, with substantial green space and parkland. In that pre-sale situation, and with rubber-stamp zoning changes available on-demand from Royce Hanson and the county council, the whole Kenwood Place complex was worth multiple fortunes.

But this is in line with the absurdly low price that Cohen paid for all of the Westbard Sector properties. You would think just about anyone could get investors to join in for more than he paid for a potential real estate goldmine like Westbard. Unanswered questions, unanswered questions.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In Each Case, Democratic Committee Chose
Male Candidates Over Qualified Women

Montgomery County Democratic delegate Karen S. Montgomery and others criticized again the 2007 appointments of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, which replaced retired or deceased women with male legislators.

Maryland has now dropped from 1st place nationwide to 8th in the number of female legislators serving in the State House and Senate.

District 16's controversy erupted when Marilyn Goldwater retired in 2007, after failing to cast a single vote that year. Most Democrats supported Regina Oldak as her replacement. This made sense not only in terms of gender, but also because of Ms. Oldak's almost-successful 2006 primary campaign in which she almost defeated Goldwater fair-and-square. In other words, she had actually run for the office, acquitted herself well in the results, and had a base of support among actual District 16 Democratic voters.

In a shocking turn of events, the Democratic Central Committee selected "The Gambler," C. William Frick. Mr. Frick's law firm is well-known for its strong lobbying efforts before Congress on behalf of the gaming industry. Obviously, Democratic activists were outraged, but those in charge apparently believed they would come back aboard by 2010.

Now the controversy has reignited as all departing women have been replaced by men.

‘‘It’s kind of like a crisis now,” said Del. Mary Ann Love (D-Dist. 32) of Glen Burnie, in today's Gazette.

It's no wonder women's issues such as healthcare and job training for low-income pregnant mothers, and domestic violence have been on the backburner in recent years in Annapolis.


Jobs Go Abroad, Housing Out of Reach;
Annapolis and Washington Out of Touch

When Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks about his concern for the "people who carry the bags, who drive the trucks," he is addressing real issues that have been ignored by other Republicans.

As I repeatedly said during my 2006 campaign, we have a housing and employment crisis in our area. Of course, the wealthy don't know it's happening, because it doesn't impact them. And, believe it or not, not everyone in Montgomery County is wealthy!

Our Democratic delegates have done nothing on the issue of affordable housing. And they have not protected jobs in our district nor in our state. The latest large employer to close is Ourisman Ford right here in Bethesda! So now they've not only chased our GM plant out of the state, but the dealerships are next!! It's outrageous. And it was assisted by the passage of the Clean Cars Act, which raised the price of the average vehicle by $3000 at a time when auto sales were already in a slump.

You hear much about jobs. Well, the real jobs are going, and the "job creation" is limited to "McJobs:" minimum wage service jobs, retail & restaurant jobs, administrative assistant, secretary, sales jobs, etc. John McCain's apparently winning message, that the jobs aren't coming back, and he will "retrain workers" hurt by the now-obvious damage of NAFTA, makes little sense in real terms. Are we going to retrain well-paid auto factory workers to do these "McJobs?" Or are they going to get free medical and law school tuition?

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge the facts. Not only the fact that we have to rebuild our industrial sector and restore solid backing to the U.S. dollar. But the facts about good jobs going overseas and ending the American Dream for many who played by the rules, only to be victimized by "globalization," NAFTA, and an economy built on a fantasy stock market and Google ads.

Well here are some facts:

According to USA Today, we lost 212,000 factory jobs in the last year. Those are 212,000 people who may have lost their homes, can't pay the bills, and whose tax contributions have disappeared from the federal and state treasuries. You can push the "little guy" around only so long before the economy takes a hit.

That's why tax cuts are so vital, but also why we are headed into, at best, a tough recession. Unless the American people buy into the propaganda on CNBC and "get back in the market on Monday," a strategic gambit that has worked like magic so many times before for the status quo. Remember, when the market starts to tank a certain amount now, the computers shut down and stop all trading. This allows the CNBC/media machine to work that magic so you'll be ready to "get back in" when they turn the computers back on the next day.

It appears that, to preserve the status quo, the status quo is going to decide the election before 90% of Americans have even voted. On this course, it is hard to believe we will restore our industrial base.

So it is up to the states. That's why I have proposed ways we can preserve and restore factory jobs in Maryland. And create high-paying jobs by building needed rail-transit infrastructure and developing new industries.

I am pleased to report that help is on the way. In the future, I will be unveiling proposals to develop two new high-tech industries in Maryland, one of which will have research facilities based in our I-270 corridor. These will create jobs with high-wages and career potential. And we will be turning kids from neighborhoods where there seems to be no future into the scientists of tomorrow. Most importantly, we will be doing this with private-sector funds for the most part.

This is exciting. This is innovative. This is leadership. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Westwood Shopping Center
Store to Add New Features

I was there last week when the construction began. Or deconstruction. Apparently, the remodeling will occur during shopping hours. The first sign of the renovation was a trailer/boxcar which was left in the parking lot over by the RiteAid. Then a larger, fenced-off area was created with signs that say, "No Trespassing" around the fence.

The first night of the renovation, a gate on that fence was opened, and men were going in and out. Suddenly, the parking lot began to fill with pickup trucks, work vans, and small vehicles which were driven into, and inside, the store.

Inside, sounds of hammering filled the air. The wall over the meat, bakery, and seafood counters was being stripped. It did say M E A T high on the wall over the meat counter. Then the big T was carefully removed and brought down. M E A. M E. M. And then it was just blank.

A mailing has gone to all customers with 5% coupons for each week, and for free eggs, free Skippy peanut butter, and a free, reusable Giant bag. It also lists the new amenities that will be added to the store during the renovation: a new prepared foods area near the front of the store for takeout purposes; a Starbucks in the store (I hope they have decaf because I've not much use for coffee at night); a new system that supposedly will allow you to check out items as you put them in your basket, and then you pay at the front when you are finished; and an expanded selection of "natural foods." I guess that is supposed to compete with Whole Foods down on River Road. It seems like most people in the neighborhood shop at both stores anyway.

Out in the parking lot, a man carried the old wall panels to the fenced area and took them into the gate. Most immediately, it remains to be seen how disruptive, dirty, and/or noisy the renovation will be during shopping hours.

When the project is finished, then the question will be: were the renovations enough to compete with not only Whole Foods, but Wegman's and Harris Teeter, the upscale grocery stores that cater to a wealthy demographic. The thing that seems to be missing, is the in-store fine dining that Wegman's and Harris Teeter offer. At those stores, customers can sit down either at a counter on stools, or at restaurant-style tables, and order gourmet food and fine wines by the glass. These include fresh seafood, fresh sushi -as opposed to the pre-packaged grocery store sushi; and other upscale menu items.

The renovations will probably be acceptable for those of us who are long-time residents and customers. But newer residents may be expecting more. Without the critical in-store dining option, the "new" Giant still will not be a cutting-edge, first class, upscale grocery store. I really hope that Giant examines adding that in the future. Of course, with the impending redevelopment of the Westwood Center and Westbard Sector, we really don't have much information yet on what the future holds.


Montgomery County continues to experience an increase in violent crime. Four more violent crimes occurred in the last week alone.


There have been many delays but the new location of Sushi-Ko in the Chevy Chase Center (near Clyde's, Potomac Pizza, Lacoste, etc.) is rumored to be opening in February. There is plenty of paid parking but you can also take the 23 Ride On bus to the Friendship Heights Metro Station across the street.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Montgomery County Government TV
Content Heavy on O'Malley, Brown

County Tax Dollars Used to Promote
Democratic Administration

What's going on at County Cable Montgomery (Channel 6)? It wasn't long ago that the county-run operation was home to traffic cameras, County Council sessions, information on county services and facilities, and - most of all - countless Doug Duncan ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

But now, it seems like every time I turn to Channel 6, I find Governor Martin O'Malley or Lt. Governor Anthony Brown on the screen. There's this long program that consists of, apparently, 100 episodes, of Lt. Gov. Brown going on and on about the most cliched, feel-good, irrelevant, "state-government-working-for-you," time-killing filler you've ever heard.

You'd fall asleep, except that whoever filmed this just discovered the invention of the video camera. And just opened a new box of video-editing software.

This person proceeds to run the Brown video through every built-in trick, bell, and whistle he or she has on the menu. Brown is two pictures at once. One freezes, and he continues talking in the lower square. Then the cameraperson lays on the floor and points the camera up at Brown. Then he or she zooms in on Brown's hands. Then the picture changes to black-and-white. Goodness gracious. It's a veritable tour-de-force.

Anyway, why are the Governor and Lt. Governor being given so much exposure on a county channel? I don't recall them having Bob Ehrlich or Michael Steele on often, if ever, when they were in office. This raises questions. Why are Montgomery County tax dollars being spent on what are essentially political ads for O'Malley, Brown, and the Maryland Democratic Party?

Whoever thought that the day would come when we'd miss Doug Duncan and his scissors?

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Washington Post Article Defends
Democratic Ally Gansler after
Questions Raised by RobertDyer.Net

Polluters Continue to Get Away as
Attorney General Takes Out-of-State Getaway
On Party Business for Obama

Breaking News!
A Exclusive!!

You may recall that just recently this blog questioned the lack of progress by Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler on Chesapeake Bay pollution in his first year in office. You may also recalled that Mr. Gansler loudly grandstanded on this issue during his 2006 campaign against Republican candidate Scott Rolle. The questions I raised recently were all the more relevant when Mr. Gansler made a prominent media event out of his trip to Iowa on behalf of presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

Keep in mind that I was the only person criticizing the AG office's lack of results in a public forum. Lo and behold, the Washington Post today has something of a rebuttal, since I raised the issue. It addresses exactly the concerns I raised two weeks ago. As further evidence, the environmental groups quoted have little or no criticism of Mr. Gansler. So who did raise the questions? I did, unless someone can show me another critical statement from recent times.

Mr. Gansler claims that the reason for his inaction is that the pollution going into the Bay is legal. Of course, this is complete hogwash. There are two illegal toxic waste dumps on PEPCO property: one near the Potomac River, and one by the Patuxent River. Montgomery County and the O'Malley administration, at last report, are taking no action on those dumps.

There are 3 coal-fired electric plants in this area of the Potomac River: Dickerson (PEPCO), Alexandria (Mirant), and one at the Nice Bridge (Mirant) on the Potomac in Charles County. These plants could be doing more to reduce particulates and emissions that they are currently discharging. And don't forget the smokestacks that are firing around the clock in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Eleven nuclear reactors discharge into the watershed of the Bay.

My search of Maryland Department of the Environment records revealed an MTBE fuel spill and chemical contamination in the industrial zone adjacent to the Westbard Sector. Ours and other nearby neighborhoods were never informed of these environmental incidents. In both cases, these MTBE products and contaminants were in soil and groundwater near Willets Branch, by which they inevitably went to the Potomac River. Which flows into the Bay.

Then there is the major issue I talked about over and over again during my campaign: illegal medical waste, runoff, and toxic waste that originates in Pennsylvania and comes downstream to the Bay here in Maryland. I said in 2006 that we need to deliver an ultimatum to the state of Pennsylvania: clean up your act, or we'll take you to court. Mr. Gansler has failed to do so:

But more troublesome to some environmentalists is that Gansler's term has produced no legal blockbusters, no mega-suits against the Chesapeake's villains.

"I just don't know what he has done yet," said Ed Merrifield, executive director of the environmental group Potomac Riverkeepers. "Until he's willing to take polluters to court, it's hard for me to know what he's done for the environment."

-The Washington Post, Sunday, Jan. 20, 2008

Once again I am vindicated. I said Marilyn Goldwater would be unable to serve if reelected, and she cast no votes in 2007, leaving our district with only 2/3 of our representation in Annapolis. I said crime was going up, and reports proved that crime is up in our area. In fact, a woman was violently assaulted in Chevy Chase Village just last night. I said police need more protection against violent criminals. A year later we had the highest number of police officers killed in the line of duty in history. I said our current elected officials were driving jobs out of our district. Now Ourisman Ford is closed. Forever.

And now Robert Dyer has brought accountability to the Attorney General's office and the Democrat extremists in Annapolis, who continue to give the real polluters a free pass. This is the type of leadership we need in Annapolis: someone who is right on the issues in advance, and has real solutions for the serious issues. But in Annapolis, the serious issues are the last thing on anyone's mind right now.

Only 50% of Voters Were
Native to South Carolina

Demographic Shift Supplies
Yankee Votes to McCain

"Drop Dead Fred" Thompson
Plays Role of Spoiler for Huckabee

Huckabee Would Have Won Had
Thompson Not Been in SC Race

I am not happy about the results from South Carolina. It seems that Fred Thompson was not in to win, but to take voters from Mike Huckabee to help John McCain. Had Thompson not been in the race - just do the math. Huckabee had, at last count, only 3% less than McCain. Thompson had around 15% to Huckabee's 30 and McCain's 33. Just 4% more to Huckabee, and we would have had a solid, social and fiscal conservative steamroller heading into Florida, with our issues and agenda on the national front burner.

I signed on early for Fred Thompson, as readers of this blog know, around June 7 if my recollection is correct. Needless to say, I am disappointed with how the campaign has turned out. When Thompson said he was making a "last stand" in SC, I took his word for it. But 48 hours ago, I read a report which claimed that Thompson's event schedule was "lethargic."

If that's the case, and I know that other candidates were campaigning around the clock, it would certainly confirm the rumors that Thompson was only still around to help McCain. As someone concerned about lower taxes and pro-life and 2nd Amendment issues, I can't help but feel a bit used. Someone from the campaign really needs to explain this to me, and to others who volunteered to help Fred get elected. Because if he wasn't in this to win, he should have stepped aside so we could have put our support behind another pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, anti-tax candidate. Had all of the social conservative and evangelical voters gone for Huckabee, he would have won SC in a landslide.

And that's even with the bizarre twist of 50% of yesterday's voters being Northerners who have moved to SC in the last ten years(!). These are the two painful statistics from the results: 3% loss to McCain by Huckabee while Thompson took 15% possibly just to help McCain; and 50% moderate to liberal non-native voters in a historically conservative, Southern state. Give me a break. What are the chances?

I feel like we are about to go backwards after the progress we made under the leadership of George W. Bush. While McCain is certainly well-qualified and would be a more than capable Commander-in-Chief, I'm concerned that we won't have the same activism on the issues that Bush has provided. And that would mean less chance of permanent tax cuts or tax reform, less chance of having a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, and possibly less protection of 2nd Amendment rights. And again, I would like to hear some reassurance from Sen. McCain on the type of justices he would nominate for the Supreme Court. It's just reality that McCain's positions and operating style are quite different from George W. Bush.

What next? Now that Thompson has imploded, who do we support here in Maryland and nationally? Where are our efforts and resources going to be put to best use for the causes we care about? Huckabee isn't finished yet, he just doesn't have the momentum that would have resulted from a win in SC that was his, had Thompson stepped aside. Will Thompson do so now to clear the way for Huckabee in the other Southern states? Can Huckabee win outside of the South without the SC victory? Huckabee certainly represents the issues and causes we are concerned about in a genuine way, with great conviction. And then there are also McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani. What next? Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Latest "Pay to Live" Action to Drive
Poor and Working Class Citizens
Out of Montgomery County

Robert Dyer's Call for Competition in
Utilities Sounds Smarter Than Ever

Bronrott, Frick, and Lee M.I.A. as
Monopoly Utilities Pound Montgomery
Residents with High Electric and Water Bills

Unbelievable! Outrageous!! WSSC is calling on the Montgomery and Prince George's County councils to approve a whopping 50% increase in water bills. To top it off, they want to charge you $20 a month ($240 a year). This is due to their mismanagement of the water and sewer infrastructure.

Much as Democrats in Annapolis, and their friends at the Washington Post and Gazette, neglect to mention that high electric bills are the result of Democrats keeping competition out of Maryland after deregulation, so too does the WSSC and the media exclude the facts on this issue.

The issue is that the system has been allowed to deteriorate, and now they want you to pay for their failure to properly maintain and manage their infrastructure. It's outrageous. What's more, the proposal was put forward by the lame duck head of the board who is departing within the month.

Competition in utilities is long overdue. What you get with true competition is low prices, excellent service, and accountability. Because if you don't receive those 3 benefits, you can switch to a competing company. We call this the Free Enterprise System here in the United States.

Unfortunately, we won't have competition in utilities until I am elected. So in the meantime... Please contact your county councilperson, and tell them to reject the WSSC proposal. It's not fair to the elderly, the poor, and to working families on tight budgets.

My friends, we are at a crossroads in the Reagan Revolution in South Carolina. The "polls" suggest that Sen. John McCain is in first place. There is a new poll out a few hours ago, however, that has Gov. Mike Huckabee in first place by 5-7 points.

I'm not concerned about the polls; I'm concerned about the future of this country. If South Carolina, which has always been a reliable conservative state, goes for McCain, that will be an historic and seismic shift in the South. Let me be clear, that I have tremendous respect for Sen. McCain and am prepared to work for his campaign and vote for him in November, should he be the nominee. My uncle was a POW in Vietnam as well, so like most Americans, I consider Sen. McCain to be an American hero of the highest order.

But South Carolina would not give McCain a victory in the past, and with Huckabee and Fred Thompson on the ballot, it would be a colossal break with history if they did so today. The national media certainly wants South Carolina to start the McCain steamroller. So, apparently, do some of the Republican establishment, some "conservatives," and some on the Religious Right who apparently are more committed to themselves than to the values they claim to represent.

So while I certainly would support McCain, who would be a fine president and Commander-in-Chief, I question why some are backing off supporting Huckabee and Thompson, who stand for the "rainbow package" of conservative beliefs, when they are viable candidates at the moment. (What I mean is, while we might vote for McCain if he is the nominee, we have these other options on the table at this point. So why not go for the whole thing when you have the chance?)

What does this mean? Are those people really committed to the Pro-Life cause? Because only Huckabee and Thompson are solid on the variety of pro-life issues. McCain, for example, is questionable on stem cell research.

Thursday's news on some truly bizarre, freakish human cloning experiments makes that a powerful issue in today's South Carolina primary. While some are conducting and supporting Victor Frankenstein experiments, and we are the verge of man-made creatures that are half human and half animal, this is no time to sit back and relax on pro-life issues.

Supposedly, a scientist has created a human being - an embryo - from a CEO's skin cell and a donated woman's egg. This embryo is touted as a clone of the CEO. You can't tell me this isn't a cause for concern. This type of human experimentation must be prevented. So it is critical that we elect a president who will defend human life.

Which candidate would fundamentally reform or replace our current, unfair tax system?

Furthermore, there is the question of who will really appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court.

South Carolina surely won't fall in line and serve the interests of the few in today's primary, will it? Stay tuned as the results come in. If the Reagan Revolution has lost South Carolina, I'm not sure which is more scary - that, or the Frankenstein story.


Sen. Barack Obama had favorable and honest words regarding one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan, and Republican leadership:

"Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not. He put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it," Obama said.

"I think it's fair to say that the Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10 to 15 years in the sense that they were challenging conventional wisdom."

Fellow candidate John Edwards then proceeded to give his version of the Reagan legacy, but Edwards failed to base his version on the facts.

For all the talk on the radical left about "revolution" in this country, the irony is that Ronald Reagan led the only successful revolution in the United States since the one that formed the nation: The Reagan Revolution.

This revolution continues today, which is why this election is so important. We've come this far, why do some Republicans want to turn back?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


121 Housing Units Approved on
Washington Episcopal School Campus
Off River Road and Little Falls Parkway

Eight Story Building Claimed as "Senior
Housing;" But No Guarantees

"All the Financials Were Beneficial."
You Can Say That Again!

Montgomery County Planning Board Chairman Royce Hanson and his fellow board members rubber-stamped the first major development in the Westbard Sector last week. It approved 121 "senior housing" units in a proposed 8 story tower on the property of the Washington Episcopal School.

They are also trying to get a traffic light at Lindy Lane and River Road. Question for State Highway Administration engineers: How many stoplights can you have in a single block? There are three in this block of River already.

What will the view of this tower be from our neighborhood or the Kenwood neighborhood? We don't know because the developer, Sheridan Development Company, never came to us with any details on this project. They simply greased the wheels of government and we've been victimized by the Royce Hanson-Developer Planning Tank again on the outer fringes of the Sector.

And remember, there is no guarantee that these units will be senior housing now or ever. Don't forget, Park Bethesda started as a luxury apartment building and became an American University dorm overnight.

This is the last stand against developer excess in the county. Developers are putting the final touches on the Twinbrook and White Flint plans, guiding hands and greasing government palms all the way. Once the action moves to Westbard itself and the other side of River Road, the battle will be joined.


A real shocker as Washington Post columnist John Feinstein lashed out at just-retired coach Joe Gibbs and Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis for their Christian beliefs. Feinstein attacked evangelical Christians in general, stating that they "frighten" him. What "frightens" me is the ability of the Washington Post, Feinstein, and other entertainment companies and individuals to unleash these bigoted tirades and anti-Christian hate speech with no condemnation or consequences in the general media.

This was an outrageous and disgusting attack, particulary with the tragic death of Sean Taylor having occurred so recently. And with the revered and respected coach having just announced an emotional retirement, in part due to the life-threatening medical condition of his 2 year old grandson.

May I tell you again, that for these left-wing extremists and their house organs like The Washington Post, there is no low that is too low. The Post has proven it again with a savage, bigoted, anti-Christian piece like this. For shame, for shame. But the Post has no shame. The editorial page and columnists fire off anti-Catholic bigotry several times a year.

Recent attempts by the media, including some "conservative" Republican columnists, to state that the "religious right" and social conservatives are damaging the party fit right in with this kind of hit piece. A continued ridicule of anyone who professes a religious faith that does not fit the standards of Hollywood and the liberal media. Remember the nasty asides about Monica Goodling printed in the Post, and cheap shots at her Christian college?


What is happening with Fred Thompson? He is now in a must-win situation in South Carolina after a disappointing but respectable third place finish in Iowa, and an embarrassing 1% finish in New Hampshire. We are in a countdown to January 19, when Thompson will either be the winner or else an unviable candidate the rest of the way.

If you are a Reagan conservative, and - like me - a supporter of Fred Thompson, you have to be concerned right now. His disastrous performance makes little sense given his established conservative record. And he has been far better in the recent debates compared to his slow start in the fall. Impressive, in my opinion. Finally, I don't understand why Thompson and Mike Huckabee were not the top 2 candidates in New Hampshire, given that the state is well known for its anti-tax fever, and both men have radical plans to reform our tax code. At least Huckabee came in third in NH, impressive under the circumstances.

So this is where the question becomes: at what point does completing the Reagan Revolution's reform of our judicial branch take precedence over a particular candidate's fate? I would argue that it does so on January 19. The next president will likely have the opportunity to appoint the Supreme Court justice who will finally seal a conservative majority on the Court for decades to come.

This is the culmination of decades of hard work and sacrifice by committed Republicans, conservatives, and, yes, the religious right. Finally we will have a Court that will overturn the radical quasi-legislative actions of past Courts and guarantee the reestablishment of the Constitutional right to Life and the Second Amendment.

I trust Fred Thompson to make such an appointment. That is one of the major reasons I have supported his candidacy. But if his campaign implodes in South Carolina, it is incumbent upon those of us within this movement to consider our options. We will have to examine who has a chance to move the country forward, and who shares our beliefs. If there is another candidate who we can help to victory with our hard work and support, I believe we must take that action while there is still time. And above all else, we must support the eventual Republican nominee. That is critical to the future of this country. Don't stay home in November, even if you are dissatisfied; get out and vote.

I've made the phone call to the bullpen. I have two relief candidates warming up. Should it be necessary, I won't hesitate to come out to the mound and make the change January 19. There is too much at stake in this election.

So stay tuned. The campaign is turning to South Carolina, my kind of place. Nice people. World-class people. Patriotic Americans. Great food. Southern hospitality. Intelligent voters.

Intelligent voters. Get ready to be one on February 12. South Carolina will reveal the way.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Martin O'Malley
Approval Rating:

Maryland Governor Rates Lower Than
President Bush in New Poll

Majority in Maryland Disapprove of
Special Session and Democrats'
Massive, Historic, Regressive
Tax Increases

Monday, January 07, 2008


Maryland State Senator Robert Garagiola has proposed replacing one flat tax on the poor and middle class - the infamous Democratic tax on computer services - with an ultra-regressive gas tax. The limos keep going no matter what the cost of gas. For the average citizen, a new gas tax - given the high cost of gas - would be simply outrageous.


Coming to the University of Maryland at College Park: Bethesda Row! Mixed use development! And almost certainly another massive payback to Douglas M. Duncan's developer friends. As a graduate of the university, I know full well that amenities were lacking. But adding amenities does not require building a town center. Unless you're Doug Duncan.


Developer Land Grab Alert!! The Army Corps. of Engineers may have some legitimate concerns in declaring all of SW Washington, D.C. a flood plain. But how convenient that such a designation would require all residents of SW to purchase flood insurance, among other costs. Expect any approved, new cost-of-living increases to work to the advantage of developers and the powers-that-be who are working furiously to remake Washington into a wealthy enclave.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Left Wing Hypocrisy Exposed
As Bipartisan D.C. Council Bill
Would Force Post to Pay Workers
For Sick Leave

Democratic House Organ Post
Loses Credibility in Opposing
Most Significant Employee Rights
Issue Since Family Leave

The hits keep on coming from the king of journalistic hypocrisy. After hypocrisy on the environment and drunk driving, now the Washington Post is bizarrely opposing the bipartisan D.C. Council bill requiring large employers to provide 7 days of paid sick leave per year. The important word in that sentence was "large." Small businesses would have to provide 3 days. And guess what company is a "large" employer in Washington, D.C.? That's right, the Washington Post Company.

We are always being lectured to from on high by the Post's far-left yet megacorporate-supporting editorial board about one social issue or another. Now when it is time for the Post to turn words into action, and provide paid sick leave for its employees, the editorial board is lashing out at the D.C. Council to prevent the most significant advance in employee rights since Family Leave in the 1990s.

Welcome to the 2000s, Washington Post. Paid sick leave is not only a humane concept, but would promote better health in our community. Do you really want sick people spreading their illness in the workplace, creating more employee absences? And in the case of restaurant and hospital workers, this is a critical health issue. With more and more odd new strains of viruses and drug-resistant bacterial infections such as MRSA mysteriously entering our country, paid sick leave is more critical than ever. It could potentially reduce outbreaks of pandemic flu or terrorist-released biological weapons.

The Washington Post is sadly behind the times, as evidenced again by its opposition to the paid sick leave bill. But at least Fred Flintstone may renew his subscription.


Or Should They Say,
"Jobs Americans Won't Do
For an Insulting Low Wage?"

Many people, companies such as Microsoft, and media outlets such as - yes - the Washington Post, are quite fond of stating the need for foreign workers is great because they do the jobs "Americans won't." The fact is becoming quite clear that it's not so much a matter of Americans being unwilling to do a particular job, but that they won't do that job for that wage.

When Microsoft and other tech companies demand more advanced degree students from abroad, one has to ask why they are not putting up some of their ample fortunes to promote the study of those fields by American college students? Do we really have a shortage of qualified, skilled workers? Or do we have a shortage of workers who will do the job for the lower price that a foreign worker might accept?

For hard-hitting proof that reveals the inaction of our Democratic governor and General Assembly, travel to Maryland's Eastern Shore. A recent article in the Post recounted the story of former crabmeat pickers who have been forced by the crab "shortage" to become prison guards. The "free" trade-promoting Post states that this is just the reality of life on the water in today's Maryland.

Now, the shortage of oysters and blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay is a real and complicated issue. We are told that watermen (waterpersons?) are pulling in smaller hauls. But at the same time, government is threatening the livelihood of those who work on the waters with quotas, while not doing enough in the science department to address the crisis.

This issue requires new leadership in Annapolis and we don't have any more time to waste. A major industry in our state hangs in the balance. I'm tired of being told there are only Texas or Mexican blue crabs on the menu. Let's have some solid counts of where the crabs and oysters are. Let's stop the 3 major causes of Bay pollution. And let's get to work on reestablishing the crab and oyster populations.

This is more important than the useless special interest legislation that O'Malley and our Democratic delegates have on their 2008 agendas.

But wait, I haven't gotten to the end of the story. Those former crabmeat pickers from an island in the south of the Chesapeake Bay? We are told that there are no jobs for them by the Post.

There's just one problem with that. I seem to recall, among other reports, a YouTube debate question from a gentleman on the Eastern Shore. He said he needed Mexican employees to pick the meat out of his crabs at his Eastern Shore facility.

Wait a minute, there are upstanding, experienced American pickers on that same Eastern Shore currently being forced to work in a prison just to get by... One young woman in the article sounds as if she is being traumatized by working in the prison. If our state government was doing its job, instead of focusing on Big Government solutions to problems that don't even exist, and satisfying big donors, this injustice would not be occurring. Then again, we are talking about the same O'Malley administration and Democratic delegates who called $11.30 a "living wage" in Montgomery County.

What's wrong with this scenario? Why isn't that gentleman hiring these good people to work for him? Could it be that the Mexican workers will be far cheaper to employ?


Friday, January 04, 2008


Mike Huckabee's landslide victory in Iowa was the result not just of Christian conservatives coming out in great numbers, but also about a town called Newton.

Newton, Iowa, this October experienced the same devastating blow that we have felt here in Maryland time and time again under the boot of Democratic one-party rule: jobs shipped out of the state.

If you have a Maytag appliance, open the door and examine the sticker inside. Yes, there is WKRP's Mr. Carlson dressed in his full Maytag repairman regalia, depressed as usual with nothing to do. Unfortunately, in October, his fellow Maytag employees - the ones who build the machines - joined him in that pastime of being depressed and having nothing to do. Why? Well, under some "free" trade agreement or another, Maytag just closed its factory and moved operations to... China, Malaysia, Timbuktu or some other such place where they can get human beings to work for 2 cents an hour.

This was the latest manifestation of a national phenomenon, where our industrial base is gone, jobs are gone, our currency has no backing, and the entire economy is based on a tightly-controlled stock market that would go "poof" overnight if anyone ever figured out that the emperor has no clothes.

Thanks to Democrats in Annapolis and Rockville, we've not only lost our GM plant in Baltimore but now Bethesda's own Ourisman Ford has closed its doors forever. That cut jobs right here in our district. That cut tax revenue to local and state government and therefore took money away from schools, police, fire, and transportation.

Then get this: today it was announced that automobile sales are at the lowest point in a decade. Now combine that with dealerships being shuttered all over the state and then remember: it was just last year that O'Malley and the Democratic General Assembly increased the cost of vehicles by $3000 each with the "Clean Cars" Act, a piece of legislation that scientists have said will have no tangible effect on "global warming" whatsoever.

Now, for an encore, we hear that Democrats aren't finished putting auto workers onto the unemployment rolls yet! This year, they are going back to the loony bin to bring out carbon legislation that is based on pure fantasy and special interest paybacks, rather than hard science.

When they're finished destroying the U.S. auto industry, they are going to try to put our energy companies out of business, and put our coal miners out of work. These Democrats have been living the high life for so long, they don't even know what it's like out there.

For shame, for shame. Why unions ever help these people is beyond me. Driving through Baltimore this fall, I was passed by SEIU marchers chanting about health care. I wanted to roll down my window and remind them that if Robert Dyer had been elected, they would have universal access to health care. Not a Big Government program, but access for all to the outstanding, existing free market health care we already have.

But they wouldn't have listened, because I am a Republican. That old way of thinking is why Hillary Clinton lost in Iowa. And why Huckabee and Obama won. People want elected officials who can get things done, and they sure don't want the same old establishment politicians again. They're sick and tired of the partisan theatrics and political games that we yet again witnessed Democrats put on during the Special Session.

And it's important to distinguish the acknowledgement of what's going wrong from those old, left-wing "class warfare" games. This isn't about punishing the rich to help the poor, because high taxes on the rich only damage the economy and slow growth.

It's about giving everyone access again to an ownership society and the American dream. It's what most Americans had a few decades ago. It's what Ronald Reagan championed and won on twice in 1980 and 1984. It could be the road to the White House in 2008.


50 Square Miles of Wind Turbines
Killed 4,700 Birds in 1 Year

Democrats in Annapolis Have
Threatened to Approve Similar Farms in
Ocean City, Western Maryland

I've written on the dangers of wind farms to wildlife in previous entries, but a new report from California has given further specific proof to back my arguments.

According to an Alameda County panel appointed to reduce the wildlife deaths caused by these "lethal windmills," the attempt to do so has so far been a failure. Mass wildlife casualties continue to occur in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area.

The California Energy Commission reports that, within a 50 square mile wind farm area, 116 golden eagles, and 4,700 birds overall, are killed each year by wind turbines.

Imagine what the devastation to Maryland's native species if wind farms brokered by Democratic lobbyists, campaign contributors, and out-of-state corporations were to be approved by the Democratic legislature and signed by Governor Martin O'Malley.

That Democrats could ignore the plain facts and scientific evidence is not only outrageous, but also consistent with the left-wing extremist agenda that ignores real science in the debates on issues such as "global warming" and abortion. The facts can be ignored as long as their special interests and financial backers are satisfied. That's how the whole global warming scam is functioning around the world: the poor and middle class are being pushed aside so that large corporations can make big green on "green" products. Politicians create more business and earmarks for their "green" contributors. And national sovereignty and the American way can be subverted to the benefit of America's enemies. Total rubbish.

Solar energy is the way to go and it is working in Canada and Germany. Instead of clear-cutting Maryland forests so New Jersey companies can profit from a deadly-to-nature wind farm, we should be constructing solar-powered energy plants. Every building should have solar panels on the roof. Along with my position that single family homes create less runoff than large, mixed-use development, we should be encouraging builders to build more SF homes that are affordable and which have solar panels already installed.

I've put forward an energy proposal that will not only reduce monthly utility bills for the homeowner ,and implement solar power on a great scale, but also whip the monopoly power companies into shape by introducing the market forces and competition Democrats have so far prevented.

We must oppose any and all attempts to build these dangerous and aesthetically-unappealing wind farms off the coast of Ocean City. This is one of the most absurd ideas ever proposed and must be stopped. It will not only endanger birds but sea life as well. No wind farms, no ethanol (damages the bay, contributes to hunger worldwide, and provides less driving range than oil), and no nukes. Clean power is the way to go, and that means solar energy.

Democratic Attorney General Working
Full Time for Obama While Polluters
Continue to Harm Wildlife

Attorney General Douglas Gansler has had no significant progress to report on his promised crackdown on the polluters who damage the Chesapeake Bay. Now we are finding out what his time has been spent on instead: Democratic party politics.

While illegal dumping, smokestack discharges, illegal and "secret" toxic waste dumps continue; and medical and toxic waste continues to flow down from Pennsylvania with the full consent of the O'Malley administration, and of our Democratic delegates Bronrott, Frick, and Lee, ...where is Doug Gansler?

"I have been making phone calls, knocking on doors, attending Obama rallies, talking to the press and setting up chairs and taping up signs at the Windsor Elementary School Library in West Des Moines in preparation for tonight's caucus there."

- Maryland Democratic Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler in an email yesterday to John Wagner of the Washington Post

That might explain it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


O'Malley Official Says
"There's no reason to think anything was amiss"

The next time someone tells you that a life sentence is enough, consider how easily prisoners in Maryland seem to escape under the O'Malley administration. This is the same administration currently subverting and violating the Maryland Constitution by not enforcing the existing sentencing laws of the state. Today's escapee was serving a life sentence - not for murder, however. But the danger is obvious. If this life sentence escapee could get out so easily, what is to stop any criminal serving a life sentence? Democrats in Maryland prove again: they are soft on crime, hard on the wallet.


House of Delegates Chief Clerk Mary Monahan was located by authorities in Tampa, Florida, and will finally be deposed. New evidence has surfaced regarding unconstitutional actions by the Democratic leadership during the 2007 Special Session, and Ms. Monahan's testimony is believed to be critical to the case. A state Appeals board rejected the attempt of Attorney General Douglas Gansler to prevent Monahan's potentially devastating deposition.

It is quite amazing that we've heard of no progress in the prosecution of polluters by Mr. Gansler's office, but he has been working overtime to thwart an attempt to investigate potentially illegal actions by his own Democratic legislators.


Today's Washington Post reports that a property tax break that was once automatically calculated is now left for the homeowner to manually apply for. This is a clear attempt, in the tradition of the worst scam artists, to fool senior citizens and anyone else who might not understand this new - and completely unnecessary - scheme. The county government will do anything to get the most money out of the most vulnerable taxpayers to fund its tax-and-spend, far-left agenda. Remember, no low is too low for these characters. It's outrageous.