Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Newspaper Violating All Ethical Standards as
Bailout Plan Would Benefit Company and Directors

Reading yesterday's Washington Post, you would almost have thought the massive, socialist bailout of fat cat tycoons had passed in Congress. Wrong!! It seems that a few leaders are standing against it, and let's hope they continue to rage against the machine.

Page after page said the bailout was a done deal. The editorial board gave a strong endorsement of the final product. Steven Pearlstein and others said this was a plan that would be well-received by the public. The Metro section spoke for all area citizens, claiming we had all agreed that the bailout of the rich by the poor was a "necessary evil." The Post dared claim all of the above even as Americans nationwide are in revolt against the powers-that-be, and the nutty plan they've devised.

Once again, the Post failed to mention that its own Director, Warren Buffett, is a supporter of the plan, that he is a member of its Board of Directors, and would financially benefit immediately at the taxpayers' expense, should it pass. This is not ethical journalism.

The powers-that be will continue to push for the plan today, using the media outlets at their disposal such as CNBC, the major networks, and, yes, the Post. Let's hope the American people continue to resist this Orwellian doublespeak and soundly reject a socialist, un-American bailout of the rich by the taxpayer.

I didn't know we could print unlimited amounts of money. Now that we know we can, will we print another $700 billion to save the world from poverty and disease?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Governor Martin O'Malley indulges a local reporter's request to demonstrate the vise grip he has on the taxpayers of Maryland. O'Malley was making a back-t0-school visit to Walter Johnson High School here in Bethesda. Maryland has the 4th highest taxes in America.

Photo: The Gazette, September 10, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Competing, Politically-Motivated
Reports Agree on One Thing: It's
Their Fault, Not Ours

In the most stunning doublespeak since the WSSC catastrophe in June, Montgomery County officials are attempting to blame their budget woes on disabled police officers. They believe too many officers are collecting disability benefits. There are 2 problems with this: One is that the officers have been examined by doctors to qualify. Second, this is the system the county created! So they are blaming disabled officers for using the programs they themselves put into place.

The Washington Post joined in as well. Why? They don't want our taxes to go down. But, like other Democrats and the special interests, they'd like to have some of that money to use for other things. And apparently, they don't mind taking the money from disabled police retirees. It's outrageous.

What's really at issue is that the executive and council have woefully mismanaged the finances of our county for years. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and they want to divert attention from their failure to a trumped up "scandal" in the police department.

The local media has fallen for it - will you? The county has tried to embarrass the police union and department, and they've tried to hurt our firefighters with a "take from the needy and give to the greedy" ambulance fee. For shame. Once again, in Montgomery County, it's Politics First and Safety Last.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Right click on the button of your choice to add to your blog or web site. Now we have our own "celebrity," who is not only more qualified for the Oval Office than Obama and Biden combined, but is more popular as well.
Breaking news: Gov. Palin had more Latino viewers than Obama - and unlike Obama's speech, her speech was blacked out by every major Spanish-language network in America!
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Friday, September 05, 2008


Financial Mismanagement to Close
Government Offices, Libraries for Days

Ike Leggett has made the startling announcement that he will attempt to shut down Montgomery County's government offices and services (including public libraries) for several days, as a result of his and the county council's budget-busting spending.

It has come to this. Decades of mismanagement by Democratic executives and councilmembers have finally brought our county to its knees. In a year in which basic public safety services such as 911 service and clean water were not available in Montgomery County, the county government is now just going to close down altogether - providing no services! And this is what you pay high taxes for?

I seem to recall Republicans being hammered for the 1990s Federal government shutdown. Will Mr. Leggett and his Democrat councilmembers be harshly criticized by the media, and held equally accountable at the ballot box in 2010?


Moderate-priced Apartments in
Silver Spring to be Torn Down, Replaced by
"Luxury Apartments"

Dr. Yes, a.k.a. Royce Hanson, has just signed off on another measure to provide more luxury living for the rich, and a swift boot to the poor. Perhaps Dr. Yes can provide them with an escort, to speed needy residents and their modest belongings to the county line. This is what they call "social justice" in Montgomery County, ladies and gentlemen.

Alaska Governor's Speech Draws
More Americans than Obama's, Hillary Clinton's,
Biden's Speeches in Overnight Ratings

More than just Republican activists tuned in to hear Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night. In fact, she had more viewers than Senator Barack Obama's historic speech last Thursday night. When has a vice-presidential nominee outscored a presidential nominee in television history? Only when a party's VP nominee was of the caliber of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin's speech was carried on at least 4 less national networks than Obama's. Therefore, her speech drew more interest on less outlets.

Gov. Palin's speech left her critics nearly speechless. Even they had to admit it was a great speech. I was watching on PBS. When the various commentators were asked their opinions after the speech, Democrat Mark Shields looked as if he was under physical duress. Usually he would have old-style, I-worked-for-Tip-O'-Neill, words of liberal wisdom on any given topic. Instead he stammered and gasped, barking out words that sounded as if attacks on Obama had been attacks on himself and his honor. Shields appeared to be fighting back tears. If you told me that someone had opened smelling salts under his nose before the cameras came on, I would have believed it.

It's Outrageous!

The Washington Post has followed the lead of its employee, Sally Quinn, in stating that because Gov. Sarah Palin is a nursing mother, that she cannot serve as vice-president. Again, I am appalled by the stone-age views of women and motherhood held by the all-male editorial board of the Washington Post. It is shameful. Shameful. I hope women in our area will not let this go without comment.


"We don't have a 'present' button as governor — we are expected to lead, we are expected to take action and not just vote 'present,'" said Palin, who is in her first term as Alaska's governor. "So there's a big difference, of course, between the executive and legislative branches and our experience."

$12,000 MORE THAN

The Washington Post today reported that County Executive Ike Leggett's luxury master bath suite (located in his office) cost not $65,000, but a grand total of


While your taxes continue to rise, your elected officials are living in a world of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Thursday, September 04, 2008



VP Nominee's Speech Reminds Many of

Ronald Reagan

With apologies to liberal America's favorite warped, frustrated old man Keith Olbermann, Gov. Sarah Palin hit a home run last night - one of those where you know from the sound of the ball hitting the bat, that this one is going out of the park.

In a moment where a good showing would have been enough, Gov. Palin gave the best speech of the convention. It was notable for her poise and ease in spite of the vicious, sexist attacks that have come from the liberal Washington establishment and media since last Friday. And the content reflected her strength as a woman, chief executive, leader, and mother.

Although I have followed her career since she ran for governor in 2006, this is the first lengthy speech I have heard by Gov. Palin. And although I expected it would be very good and surprise a lot of skeptics, it was beyond all expectations. Gov. Palin has for the moment assured her place as the frontrunner for President in 2016.

The hype and enthusiasm among delegates, Republicans, and women and independents across the country is genuine. Every smear and attack has failed to diminish our excitement about Gov. Palin and what she represents for the future of our country. They say she wanted to dismiss a state trooper who tasered his 10-year-old stepson and threatened to kill her father and hurt her and her family. What is wrong with that? Most people would go to jail if they made such threats against a governor - in fact, a Maryland man is in jail now for making such threats against Gov. Martin O'Malley. Why the liberal double standard?

Perhaps they will next announce that Gov. Palin once ripped a tag off a mattress that said, "Do Not Remove!" OMG! Oh, the humanity!

Give me a break.

You know the left realizes what a threat Sarah Palin poses to their antiquated ways and agenda. They know that even now, young girls and women are being inspired by a powerful woman who holds the beliefs and values upon which this nation was founded. The terrible campaign the left has waged against Gov. Palin and her family is proof of liberal fear. They wouldn't be going to these extremes if they did not realize what a formidable challenge Gov. Palin is going to be.

For today, we are just going to enjoy this moment when a new Republican star was born, as Gov. Sarah Palin has made many realize that there may be another historic Republican leader after Ronald Reagan after all.

Liberal Feminists Revealed as
Fraud With Criticism of Palin

I am apalled at the comments of left-wing extremist women and feminists regarding Gov. Sarah Palin. They are typified by the outrageous, neanderthal statements made last night by Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn on the Bill O'Reilly show.

Ms. Quinn stated that Gov. Palin could not be Vice-President at this time because she has 5 kids, and because she is nursing a newborn child.

I kept waiting for someone to say "you're on Candid Camera!" Or for Ashton Kutcher to appear. But they didn't. Apparently, Ms. Quinn was deadly serious, and apparently has time-traveled to the time when "giants walked the earth."

The comments of Sally Quinn are disgusting, offensive, sexist, misogynistic, outrageous, and simply beyond belief. That someone in this day and age would say that a working mother should be fired because she has 5 kids and is nursing a baby... Unbelievable! I had to check out the window to make sure a stomping T-Rex wasn't passing by.

Had these comments been made about a Democrat, Ms. Quinn would have been fired by this morning. I am waiting to see if there will be any fallout from Quinn's comments, or just more hypocrisy by the left. Welcome to the post-feminist era. But fortunately, women have a strong woman to vote for on November 4.