Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Electricity Rates to Skyrocket
This Summer with Full Consent and Approval of
Democrats in Rockville and Annapolis

Once again you will be receiving a massive increase in your electric bill this summer, courtesy of PEPCO and their friends Martin O'Malley, Bill Bronrott, Bill Frick, Susan Lee, and the Montgomery County Council and Executive.

Without competition or regulation, the monopoly utilities continue to steamroller the citizens of Maryland into bankruptcy. Governor O'Malley's efforts have been all talk and no real savings for the consumer. But you wouldn't know that from the reports in his party's house organs.

The Washington Post and The Gazette continue to leave out the vital reason that deregulation failed: Democrats kept the rates charged by the monopolies (PEPCO, BG&E, Mirant, etc.) artficially low to save themselves from defeat each election year since 1999. As a result, no competitor could ever afford to enter the market. Instead of having a smaller increase and minor pain at the turn of the century - which would have led to lower rates in a few years, as competitors moved into Maryland and had to offer a lower price and better service - we now have to accept a seemingly endless surge in electricity rates. It's outrageous.

And don't forget, your above-mentioned officials negotiated a deal for customers elsewhere in the state - but let PEPCO drop the hammer on you with no refunds, credits, etc. It might have something to do with that fat check they get every year from PEPCO. Once again, with the latest massive increases from the WSSC and Comcast, my quest for competition for our monopoly utilities is vindicated and strengthened. There will be no competition until we elect officials who are not beholden to the monopolies.