This task force's mantra appears to be, "The debate is over."

The fact that you produced your report, some elected officials have said we're going to build it, and the public only now is allowed to speak, is an outrage.   But looking at the facts of BRT, I can understand why you're scared to debate.

* 85% of people drive
* Your own master planner says we lack the density to support it
* "Rapid" is an Orwellian name for a bus that goes 15 miles in 50 minutes
* BRT will increase congestion, taking car lanes, and throwing off synchronized signals
* BRT duplicates Red Line service
* You've understated the annual BRT tax - Bethesda residents could pay $1000 or more
* Why should Bethesda and Silver Spring subsidize BRT, when it ends in our towns, and we won't even be able to ride it to work?

We've passed the tax limit.   I understand the [County] Council has a new benefactor - Mitch Rales.  Maybe you can get him to pay for it.

We should focus on building the Purple Line, and our Master Plan highways.

The M-83 upcounty.

We could build the Rockville Freeway - which would connect White Flint and Columbia, two areas we already know are going to have massive growth - for less than half the cost of BRT.  And the Rockville Freeway would carry more commuters per day than the entire BRT system.

BRT is a sprawl generator in places like Olney.  You can call building a city in the country a lot of things, but "smart growth" isn't one of them.

To summarize:

* We can't afford it
* Your own planner says it won't work
* It will increase sprawl and traffic congestion

I guess you're right, the debate is over.

Thank you.