Wednesday, November 30, 2011




If you missed my exclusive Kraze Burgers video review, you can watch it here:

And here is the blog post with exclusive details and breaking news about the new Kraze Burgers at Bethesda Row you won't find anywhere else!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Rock Bottom Bethesda is offering a special, Southwest-inspired Holiday Menu through Christmas Eve.

The featured items are Boneless Buffalo Wings, Santa Fe Chicken, Winter Wheat Burger, Traditional Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken N Chorizo Mac N Cheese, Southwest Chicken Sandwich,Tequila-Lime Flank Steak, Lobster and Shrimp Enchiladas, and Banana Cream Pie.

Add a frosty mug of Rock Bottom's exclusive Winter Wheat Ale. Subtle hints of orange, coriander, nutmeg, and Vietnamese cinnamon go with everything above, and make a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season.

It all sounds delicious to me, so make a holiday shopping pit stop at Bethesda's award-winning brewery: Rock Bottom! They're located at the corner of St. Elmo and Norfolk Avenues in beautiful downtown Bethesda.

Monday, November 28, 2011




Korean Burger Chain Opens First

American Location at Bethesda Row

Another Exclusive!!!

I stopped by the brand-new Kraze Burgers restaurant at the corner of Elm St. and Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda Saturday night. If you follow me on Twitter, you've also been following my Bethesda Kraze Burger Kountdown for the last six months. (You're not following me on Twitter? Hurry over and follow me at @BethesdaRow if you want to know what's going on in downtown Bethesda!).

The biggest questions were, how would the burger taste, and how would a Korean menu of American food translate to the United States?

Those questions have now been answered.

For those of you who haven't heard about Kraze Burgers before, the company was founded by a man who wanted to bring the American burger and dining experience to Korea. There are a number of differences between most Asian Kraze franchises and the new Bethesda location.

The Korean interior layout is usually larger. Diners sit down at tables, and a waitress (or waiter) takes their orders from laminated, old-fashioned menus decorated with American-style artwork. Here in Bethesda, you order at the counter, and then sit down at the tables. There is a laminated menu, but it doesn't have the artwork and doesn't fold open like the Asian ones.

As you might expect, the Korean menu was a bit different from the American one, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that almost every burger made it across the ocean. The only burger that didn't was the one that had green tea candies on it. Also missing by my recollection: JS Energybox, the "Steak" and Egg meal (ground steak with fried eggs), "vitamin" sauce, Philly Cheesesteak, Ham and Cheese sandwich, Chilsung soda (the first Korean soft drink, introduced during the Eisenhower administration), crinkle cut fries, Idaho fries, and the Garlic Burger, to name a few.

Also, the special Korean bulgogi BBQ sauce has become "Special BBQ Sauce." But the recipe of that KG Burger is essentially the same. Another small change is the addition of mayonnaise to The Matiz.

But many other great things have made the journey, as well. Sandwich lovers (and New Orleans/Cajun cuisine fanatics like me) will enjoy the K.O. Sandwich with Cajun chicken. They also have a fresh Tomato and Mozzarella sandwich. In fact, there are many healthy and vegetarian options at Kraze Burgers.

The top one that they also have in Korea is the Vege & Bean Tofu "Burger." A classic Veggie Burger - ordered without the optional American cheese and mayonnaise - may be a vegan entree, but you should ask when ordering, because I don't know all of the ingredients that go into the vegetable patty.

Four different salads and healthy drink options round out the health-conscious side of the menu.

OK, now how about those burgers?

The Matiz is the Big Mac or Whopper of Kraze Burgers, and that's what I ordered. Note that the Bethesda restaurant is using 100% American beef, whereas the Asian stores use 100% Australian beef. Other heavy-hitters who translated from the original menu include the spicy Maximum, Megabite (two burgers, double cheese, and steak sauce are among its toppings), KG Burger (with "Grilled Oyster Mushrooms"), KS Burger and the KB++ (a KB with fried eggs and bacon).

One great option is the $6.50 sliders, which allows you to try the KB and The Matiz in a small size.

What is my opinion of The Matiz? Watch my exclusive video review and tour the inside of Kraze Burgers Bethesda with me:

The restaurant has a modern design but also uses a lot of traditional textures. Right now it is L-shaped in the former Haagen-Dazs space, but by next year, they will expand through the wall. In that new space, they will offer additional menu items, including smoothies and desserts, according to the manager Saturday night. All of the employees were friendly and very patient to help you through the ordering process if you are a first-time diner.

You'll receive a pager/beeper that will go off when your food is ready. But you can also watch the chefs making your food in the open kitchen. There's no question everything is fresh, and this is not one of those restaurants where they're heating up your burger in a microwave.

Your burger isn't made until you place the order, and even the individual buns take a turn on the grill.

I like the fact that, while Kraze Burgers is an American restaurant, it does still bring some Korean flavors to downtown Bethesda. We really don't have much in the way of Korean restaurants in town, and the sky-high rents are one of the major reasons. Hopefully we'll have more Korean dining options in the future.

But you also get some Bethesda exclusives at our new Kraze Burgers location: For a limited time, they are offering the Classic Burger, French Burger (with braised mushrooms and fried leeks) and Hawaiian Burger (yes, pineapple, but also Kraze Cream Cheese sauce and Mango sauce on top!) for $6.95 apiece. As you can tell by the ingredients, these are high-end burgers. We also get Asparagus with mozzarella cheese, and Herb Fries, both brand-new items.

Kraze Burgers also adds another late night option to downtown Bethesda, as they are open until Midnight Thursday-Saturday. And we all know that weekends begin on Thursday night in Bethesda!

So, watch the video, and then make plans to try Bethesda's newest burger at Kraze Burgers! We are lucky to have the first location outside of Asia in the world right here at Bethesda Row.

Kraze Burgers

7301 Woodmont Ave.

Bethesda, MD 20814

Thursday, November 24, 2011


After you've fortified yourself with Thanksgiving dinner at home (or at one of the restaurants open for dinner at Bethesda Row tonight like American Tap Room) the next order of business at hand is... shopping!

Maybe one day we'll have a Walmart or Target in Bethesda, but until then, here's a list of Black Friday deals around town:

MIDNIGHT Westfield Montgomery (Montgomery Mall)

Stop first at the Concierge Desk! The first 500 people to do so win a free gift. Additional prizes will be given away between 12-5 AM.

McDonald's and many other restaurants in the food court will be open throughout the night.

Here are a couple of deals:

Sears: The first 200 purchases of clothing, intimate apparel and accessories will win a free Thomas Kinkade ornament.

Macy's: A $550 Tommy Hilfiger Leather Jacket for men is only $129!


Are we just late risers in downtown Bethesda, or do good things come to those who wait? The women of Bethesda would say the latter, as the boutiques of Bethesda Row are having their biggest Black Friday ever!

And, don't forget, American Tap Room will open for brunch.

Here's the full list:

Francesca's Collections: Buy one apparel item, and the second is 50% off - any price, even sale items! 30% off all handbags and cold weather accesories. 40% off all ornaments.

Ginger: 40% off entire store, except jewelry, from 9-10 AM.

Pink Palm: 40% off everything, up to 85% on Spring/Summer items, Mystery Gift with $150 purchase.

Amethyst: 20% off entire store.

Sassanova: 30% off entire store 9-10 AM.

Daddy & Son: 20% off entire purchase.

Pirjo: 15% off ABRO leather handbags from Italy.

Urban Chic: 30% off 9-10 AM.

Urban Country: 20% off accessories, 10% off furniture.

Luna: 50% all jewelry, purses and selected cashmere/sweaters!

Happy Thanksgiving from Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Another Exclusive!!!

After months of secrecy and anticipation, Kraze Burger has very quietly opened its doors. I've been Tweeting about Kraze Burger for about six months, and excited about the opening, so I'm disappointed that the opening was not announced so I could have planned to be there.

So I haven't been in person yet. I have seen a takeout meal, though. The burger is thick and the bun looks fresh and airier than the typical kind. In their Asian restaurants, crinkle-cut fries seemed to be the standard option. Last night's fries were more of the Boardwalk-style, with potato skin on the ends. Some burgers do come with the plastic swords to hold them together, and the burger carton cautions you about that in advance.

Yujin K., who has actually eaten frequently at Kraze Burger in Korea, has a very good and positive review on Yelp already. According to her, the favorite Matiz and KB++ burgers made it across the Pacific, and are as good as they were overseas. She also mentions they have asparagus, which I don't recall seeing on the Asian menus.

I look forward to visiting Kraze Burger soon to find out just how many menu items, toppings and drinks from the Korean menu are on the Bethesda menu.

Bethesda Row is now home to the first Kraze Burger in the United States!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've uploaded many new photos from last Thursday night's Porcelanosa grand opening in North Bethesda. You can see Jaleo chefs in action making the now-famous Liquid Olive, more photos from around the showroom, and, yes, more Valeria Mazza.

I also remembered a couple of other things since I wrote my previous post. First, when you enter the store, there are two virtually life-size photographs of Nicole Kidman and George Clooney a few yards inside the door. In fact, there are many other famous people who are members of what Valeria Mazza referred to as the "Porcelanosa family:" including Prince Charles (whose logo appears many places under the Porcelanosa logo on signs around the store), and [the real] 007 himself - Pierce Brosnan.

The other thing was that a vintage Ferrari was parked outside when I left at the end of the night. What a classic, and what a great metaphor for the elements that go into every Porcelanosa product.

Now, enjoy the photos, and be sure to read my previous entry to get the full story on the Porcelanosa grand opening!


Friday, November 18, 2011







Bethesda Row's

World Famous Chef Joins

Argentine Supermodel at

North Bethesda Showroom

Another Exclusive!!!

Last night's grand opening of the new Porcelanosa showroom in North Bethesda was a star-studded affair. The high-end Spanish tile, kitchen and bath firm went all out by inviting Bethesda's most famous chef, José Andrés, and supermodel Valeria Mazza.

If you noticed 4 searchlights in the sky over North Bethesda... that's where I was. Porcelanosa rolled out the red carpet - literally - for guests at the door. Inside was a spectacular showcase of Spanish cuisine and craftsmanship.

With television shows, cookbooks, and a growing empire of 5-star restaurants, James Beard Award-winning Chef José Andrés has made the best of Spain well known to American diners. Most people now know that Spain produces cheeses, ham and wine that are among the world's best - and many would argue, the best.

But in this time of cheap-quality products, mass-produced in cheap labor centers in Asia, we may have forgotten that Spanish craftsmanship is outstanding in other areas, too. And always has been. In the age of conquest, scoundrels and swashbucklers, where did you want your sword to be from? Toledo, Spain, of course! Today, Spain designs and manufactures some of the most innovative and advanced trains - with sleek, modern designs - and exports them to run on West Coast American rails.

Now, Porcelanosa brings this skill and modern artistry into your home, with Spanish tile and fixtures that can transform any kitchen or bathroom into a design showcase.

No wonder so many interior design, remodeling and architecture professionals were in the house. I spotted Anthony Wilder of Bethesda's Anthony Wilder Design/Build across the room, for example.

There was an open bar and plenty of delicious tapas from Jaleo. The chef even brought a special dish to try: The Liquid Olive. I had a Spanish white wine.

If you didn't think you needed a kitchen or bathroom makeover when you entered the showroom, you probably did by the time you left. All of the latest features are available at Porcelanosa, but with the quality and craftsmanship lesser brands leave behind.

There was also a guitar duo playing Spanish and flamenco-style music throughout the evening. It was very good, and you can hear it on the video.

Speaking of which, here it is! Exclusive video of José Andrés and Valeria Mazza at last night's event:

Both of them were very gracious, and I thank Porcelanosa for the invite, and for setting everything up so that I could bring you this exclusive video from the event.

The first photos are up at:

More to come!

Don't forget, you can meet José Andrés yourself right here at Bethesda Row on December 7, when he is having a cookbook signing at Jaleo Bethesda. One of his cookbooks, autographed, would make a perfect holiday gift for any of the aspiring chefs on your list.

Enjoy the video, and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Usually, when you are a building, you don't have to buy auto insurance. The humble abode housing South Street Steaks was probably shocked to find itself in a collision with an automobile some months back. Uh oh, better get Maaco!

Alas, further inspection revealed the damage to be serious, and the shop had been closed ever since. New competitor Jiffy Shoppes opened during that time, one block over on St. Elmo.

The cheesesteak battle is back on! South Street Steaks has reopened at 4856 Cordell Avenue, as good as new!

South Street joins the aforementioned Jiffy Shoppes, Bold Bite, and Tastefully Toasted Jamaican food truck as purveyors of late weekend night meals. All stay open until at least 2:30 AM.

So, who has the most authentic Philly Cheesesteak in town? South Street? Jiffy Shoppes? Another restaurant or bar? Try them all and post your answer in the comments here, if you like! Maybe we can hope that Taylor Gourmet opens a Bethesda location of their new cheesesteak concept.

It's hard to beat a Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia. But the crown of Best Cheesesteak in DC is up for grabs!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Order any hoagie or pastina salad at Taylor Gourmet through this Friday, November 18, and get FREE pasta salad! No passwords, no trivia questions, just place your order and the pasta salad is free.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Thanksgiving is next week! Bethesda Central Farm Market will operate a special Thanksgiving Eve market from 10 AM to 2 PM the day before Thanksgiving. The market will be located on Bethesda Lane at Bethesda Row. In addition to picking up all the trimmings and ingredients for your feast, turkeys preordered at the Info Desk previous Sundays will be ready for pickup during the market.

Friday, November 11, 2011





Order a Complete Thanksgiving Meal In-Store or

Online; I've Tested the Menu for You!

Another Exclusive!!!

Last night I attended a tasting of the 2011 Thanksgiving Menu at Whole Foods Bethesda on River Road. I sampled every item that was available - and so can you this Saturday at the store.

In addition, I was able to get some more details about the various menu items from Joana Bragg, who is the Marketing Team Leader for Whole Foods. She also had an interesting bit of trivia for those of you who know that the store was once a Brunswick bowling alley; she said that when Whole Foods tore up the previous tenant's floor (a bookstore), they found the bowling lanes underneath. I grew up here and even I didn't know that.

Well, on to the food...

This Menu represents a sample of just some of the many items you can pre-order and pick up for Thanksgiving at Whole Foods. You can also order online without leaving home!

Fresh, Natural Free-Range Turkey

This was one of the best turkeys I've had. It wasn't very salty, so I'm guessing it wasn't brined. Certainly tender enough, and tough meat is usually my main turkey complaint. The flavor is good, and won't disappoint you if you want a traditional turkey recipe. If you go with the Natural, Free Range option, these turkeys are locally-sourced from Maple Lawn Farms in Fulton, MD. Four generations of the Iager family have been raising and selling holiday turkeys since 1938 (FDR was president at the time). It's great to know that you're getting all of the flavor without any artificial ingredients, antibiotics, etc. And Whole Foods in Maryland is the only place you can buy them, besides from the farm. You're also supporting local farmers in the process.

Traditional Sage Stuffing

Stuffing is always my favorite part. I think the best stuffing is my Mom's, which is a three-generation recipe. This Traditional Sage stuffing has one of the secret ingredients of my Mom's, which is sage, obviously. I thought this was good, but of course, Mom's is better! The main difference is that this didn't have 2 or 3 additional ingredients in the family recipe that I'm used to. But it's certainly going to satisfy the stuffing fan(s) at the table.

Organic Roasted Autumn Vegetables

Usually, I would have mashed potatoes (and there are several versions of those available at Whole Foods). There are potatoes in this vegetable dish, however. I thought these were great. The seasoning was what made all the difference: garlic, extra virgin olive oil, thyme, sea salt and rosemary - all organic. I'd like an extra serving of this. This could be the secret weapon if you know you are going to have someone who doesn't like vegetables at the table!

Butternut Sweet Potato Casserole

I think that's what this was - it was more than just mashed sweet potatoes. Who doesn't like marshmallows and sweet sweet potatoes? I've just never been able to answer the age-old question of whether this is a vegetable or a dessert. So, why not have a bonus dessert during dinner - it's Thanksgiving!

Organic Green Bean Casserole

Why did I like this? Because the mushroom cream sauce with handmade fried onions wasn't just a delicious place for bland, canned green beans to hide. You can put this sauce on anything and it's going to taste good, but these organic green beans are so fresh and tender that you wouldn't need it at all. I can imagine you might just want to order this and the vegetables as side dishes even if you have all the other basics yourself. I'm a Monterey Jack Cheese fan, and it's in there, too! Bring back Monterey Jack Doritos!

Organic Corn Pudding Casserole

This isn't something I would usually eat, mainly because tender corn is hard to come by and I'm not really big on hot puddings. But it turned out to be pretty good, cheesy and sweet at the same time. Feel free to reignite the "vegetable or dessert?" debate here, if necessary.

Hot Apple Cider

Outstanding. Honestly, the best hot cider I've had, and great on a cold and rainy night like last night. I imagine you can buy this from Whole Foods and then heat it up at home on Thanksgiving?

There's my opinion. But this Saturday, you'll be the VIP at Whole Foods on River Road, because they're not only having another Thanksgiving tasting, but they're also going to have even more menu items like seafood.

Too cold to go out? Ordering online is as easy as going to this page:

Scroll down to the big button that has a turkey on it and says, "Share the Flavor, Save the Time" and start selecting your Thanksgiving dinner! You can get a raw turkey to dress yourself, one that's raw but ready to pop in the oven, or one that's completely cooked for you, and all you have to do is heat it up. It doesn't get any easier than that, and you don't have to worry about whether it's done or not, and all the work. There's also a vegan option.

One-stop Thanksgiving shopping, and tomorrow, you can try before you buy. Not a computer person? They're ready to take your order at the store.

The leaf men are collecting the leaves around Bethesda and the Christmas trees are up at Bethesda Row. Along with cooler temperatures, it was a great time for a Thanksgiving dinner, and I thank Whole Foods for inviting me to try out the menu.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Another Exclusive!!!

EuroMotorcars of Bethesda will open a new Lotus dealership on Bethesda Avenue December 1, 2011. This will be the first and only Lotus dealership in the DC area. The British carmaker is best known for its timeless Esprit model, but continues to produce cutting-edge supercars today. Expect to see them parked at Bethesda Row this winter!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


The votes have been counted in the Rockville city elections, and Bethesda drivers (and Rockville Pike shoppers, drivers and small business owners) can be counted among the winners.

Sort of.

Traffic will continue to worsen as is, but will get much worse as the irresponsibly oversized White Flint development expands. And then there's BRAC. The media and local politicians touted the $88 million federal gift towards improvements, but none of those small projects will replace the missing Northwest Freeway that was to parallel Wisconsin Avenue from Tenley Circle to the Beltway at Pooks Hill. Nor will it provide an off ramp from 495 into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Had the Northwest Freeway been built, BRAC would have had no impact on Bethesda traffic at all.

So what is the small piece of good news out of Rockville City Hall this morning? Well, there's a good chance that the equally-oversized Rockville Pike Plan is now D.O.A. with this council.

Returning Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio, and Councilmembers Bridget Newton and John Hall all oppose a developer-backed move to weaken the city's Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance. The APFO protects citizens by requiring adequate school capacity, public safety staffing and other infrastructure to be in place before development can be approved (or that it will be added upon completion of the project).

Now here's the rub: the $500,000 Rockville Pike Plan is the same bloated, cookie-cutter mixed-use mumbo jumbo I testified against last March. All summer, the plan has sailed through all work sessions of the city's Planning Commission with trivial tweaks so far.

The rub? That plan would be illegal under the current APFO.

The makeup of this new council suggests that - barring a total loss of principles, or a bizarre switch to the developer faction by any of these three politicians - the weaker APFO and Rockville Pike Plan will both fail on 3-2 votes before this Mayor and Council.

Let's hope so. And hope that we can now take responsible steps to prepare for future development now, by putting infrastructure such as the Rockville Freeway in place. Our ability to travel state highway 355 in a civilized fashion depends on it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011







Most of Montgomery County, Baltimore and the state of Maryland's highway history is more about the roads that weren't built, rather than the ones that were. After 50 to 60 years, drivers are still waiting for the Outer Beltway and new Potomac River bridges, the Rockville Freeway, the M-83 Midcounty Highway Extended, the Northwest and North Central Freeways, and the Northern Parkway. And those are just in Montgomery County! If you haven't noticed, our economy has been in decline, we are losing jobs, and large companies are going elsewhere.

Recently, Gov. Martin O'Malley directed a multimillion dollar award to Bechtel in Frederick County. Bechtel had threatened to move to Virginia. Because Maryland can't afford to lose any more jobs, Gov. O'Malley had little choice but to pay up.

What was Bechtel's number one reason to move to Virginia? The company wanted easy access to Dulles Airport, which currently does not exist from any county in Maryland. Of course, had we built the I-370/Outer Beltway Potomac River crossing directly from the I-270 corridor to Dulles, we wouldn't have this problem! The same issue was a major reason Northrop chose Northern Virginia for its headquarters over Montogmery County. Even after the payoff, Bechtel has just announced that it will shift a number of jobs from the Maryland headquarters to a Virginia location. As you know, that means a reduction in tax revenue for our state.

When will we learn that...


Texas, Kentucky and, frankly, most other states already know this, and they're taking action. Texas and Kentucky are among several states clamoring to be on the route of Interstate 69, a NAFTA superhighway that will stretch from the Mexican border to Canada through the United States.

These things take time, but the work is beginning to pay off. Some stretches are now being designated, and simply putting signs along the corridor is boosting those areas' job prospects, even before the highway is finished!

Check out these comments on the relationship between highways and jobs:

"Access to an interstate is an important driver of economic development activity, so this effort is of particular importance to South Texas communities and businesses.”

- Phil Wilson, TxDOT Executive Director

"Development of I-69 is crucial to the growth and economic development of South Texas. Extending I-69 to the Valley will create jobs, improve safety, and reduce travel times.”

- Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas)

- Quoted by Steve Knight/The Lufkin News

[G]etting one stretch of roadway in Kentucky designated as part of I-69 was a cause of celebration by some 200 people and dozens of schoolchildren at Southside Elementary School, which stands practically in the shadow of the newly designated I-69.

[Kentucky Gov. Steve] Beshear cited the economic development significance of putting more western Kentucky cities on an interstate, bringing jobs and companies that depend on top-rate transportation infrastructure.

Good highways are “one of the most important” factors that companies consider when locating a facility, he said, and identifying cities on an interstate highway is part of the process.

It’s extremely important and will be extremely useful to Henderson in terms of employment, job opportunities and economic development,” Henderson Mayor Steve Austin declared.

State Sen. Dorsey Ridley said the future extension of the interstate toward Henderson “will move economic development in a way people don’t realize, simply by putting up a shield called I-69” along the Pennyrile [Parkway].

- Quotes from Chuck Stinnett, Evansville Courier and Press

At the Kentucky press conference, a representative of the Obama administration stated that this highway was just the sort of project that would create jobs and stimulate the economy - through infrastructure.

Isn't it time to move forward in Maryland?





Here is a flyer released by The Box Bar and Grill advertising its grand opening this Friday at 7525 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda.

Sunday, November 06, 2011




Another Exclusive!!!

I hope you enjoyed the exclusive video I posted yesterday from The North Face grand opening at Bethesda Row. Today I have another video, as we have one more day of celebration at The North Face on Bethesda Avenue!

This video is my review of The North Face Venture Jacket. I won this jacket in the big giveaway that has been going on for the grand opening of the Bethesda store. (Don't forget, if you won a prize, you need to redeem it by today at the store.)

The Venture Jacket is a high-tech, lightweight rain jacket. It repels water, and keeps you dry. On this video, I show you the jacket and all of the features. (One thing I missed was that the iPod pocket is actually a zippered pocket on the upper right sleeve).

As you can see by the small size of shopping bag, the Venture Jacket would fold up easily in your luggage for traveling. You get all the benefits of an upscale jacket in the suitcase space of a cheap rain slicker.

One sign of high quality apparel, whether it be a Lacoste or Ralph Lauren polo shirt, or a jacket like this, is the great fit right off the rack. My Venture Jacket is size Medium, and is not all baggy like some cheaper jackets would be.

Hopefully the video will be of help if you are shopping for a rain jacket, and they are available for men and women. The colors they had Friday night were green, blue and the grey that I chose. Whatever you are looking for, the helpful staff will steer you in the right direction. Which is a good thing, because they have jammed a ton of stuff into this store!

So stop by The North Face at Bethesda Row today, and you can still take on the Climbing Wall until 4 PM!

Be sure to follow me at @BethesdaRow on Twitter to find out everything that's going on in downtown Bethesda, and follow The North Face Bethesda at @TNFBethesda.

Saturday, November 05, 2011





Another Exclusive!!!

The North Face is open at Bethesda Row, and it's not too late for you to join in the festivities today! In fact, all that happened last night is happening again today at the new store on Bethesda Avenue - and more. Mix 107.3 FM is doing a live broadcast from the store, and The North Face is bringing a Rock Climbing Wall to Bethesda Row! Are you up to the challenge?

If you went yesterday, what did you think? I stopped by last night and got some exclusive video for you:

If you didn't visit yet, get a sneak preview on the video, and then make plans to go today or tomorrow. Here's the official schedule again:

I also picked up the Venture Jacket I won in the ongoing contest. It is a great rainproof jacket, and I will be posting a second video to show you all of the features. Be a winner yourself by following @TNFBethesda on Twitter for all of the latest news and giveaways. And of course, follow me at @BethesdaRow to find out everything that's going on around downtown Bethesda.

The staff was very helpful in getting the right size of jacket for me, and rounded up a salesperson to help find thermal shirts I was searching for. The North Face is opening at the perfect time, as we are getting a sneak preview of the frigid, heavy snowfall winter ahead: now you can gear up with everything you need not only for weather survival, but for all of your favorite winter sports (extreme or otherwise) as well. I found out that you can even have orders from The North Face web site shipped to the Bethesda Row store, and pick them up there to receive FREE shipping!

How did they jam all that gear into the store? I don't know, but it's here and ready for winter. So stop by this weekend to check it out for yourself, and enjoy the festivities at The North Face Bethesda grand opening!

Friday, November 04, 2011




Here are the first photos from last night's party at Urban Country:

Don't forget to hurry in for the final days of their 20th Anniversary Sale, with 20% 0ff!




The North Face will be celebrating its grand opening all weekend at its new Bethesda Avenue store!

Here is the complete schedule of events:

Wednesday, November 02, 2011




South African chicken restaurant Nando's Peri Peri makes its long awaited debut on Bethesda Avenue today. You can choose how mild or spicy you want your chicken to be. Parking is convenient, as Nando's is located right next to the Bethesda Ave.-Elm St. Public Parking Garage. If you can find a space! The grand openings aren't over yet: The North Face opens at Bethesda Row this Friday!