Sunday, November 30, 2008


"Weakness is provocative."

- Jack Kemp, 1996

Are you one of those Americans who voted for Barack Obama because you believed the terrorists would throw down their weapons if he won? This was a real argument made by left-wing Democrats during the campaign. They not only called for immediate surrender in Iraq, but said that the election of Obama would end the war on terror. America would be on the road of penitence, they said. A black president, regardless of qualifications, would "heal the world" and the terrorists would have no reason to hate America anymore. The idea sounded good. It made you feel good. So, tired of the Iraq war as filtered through the prism of Jon Stewart, you voted for peace on earth by virtue of Barack Obama.

How's that working out for you?

Turned on the TV recently?

174 dead in India is the latest report.

Jack Kemp was correct: Weakness is provocative.

Obama says, "let's make a deal." "Let's sit down with our enemies and chat for a while."

In contrast, Ronald Reagan knew that peace was only possible through a display of strength. When Reagan's inauguration came around, Iran was smart enough to release its American hostages. They knew what might lie ahead if they challenged Reagan.

We had too many Americans (aside from the hordes of Acorn illegal voters) who were embarrassed to be Americans in this election. They voted that way. They were manipulated by the media, Hollywood actors, Jon Stewart, their high school teachers and college professors, and just about every other cultural touchstone in America. They were convinced that they should be ashamed. And to do penance, they voted for Obama, who would "restore America's position in the world." (Whatever that means. Oh, brother. How does the only superpower in the world "restore" itself? Did we fall behind Finland at some point?)

I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of my country. The enemies of America will always hate America, no matter what we do, give, or say. As I type this, and as you are reading this - regardless of the hour - there are thousands of people in transit from their homelands to America.

They are walking. They are on boats. They are on trains. They're even swimming. Some of them will die in the process, in their struggle to reach America. As I've asked before, if the world hates America, why do most of its citizens want to live there? They don't hate America - they love it, and they want to be part of it.

Was it Hamilton who said, "a nation that prefers disgrace to danger is ready for a master. And deserves one." ? Something like that.

Unfortunately, a display of weakness in the context of nations invites war, not peace.

It's clear that for the sake of the country, Barack Obama needs to adopt a stronger foreign policy immediately.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, you might want to give thanks that George W. Bush was president in this era of the war on terror. Yes, he made mistakes. Yes, he is leaving office as a conservative socialist, who does not resemble the man we were so enthusiastic about in 2000. Yes, his mistakes cost many Republicans victory in 2006 and 2008. But the record is clear: Seven years, no further attacks on America. It is a record that will earn him high marks from future historians.

Let us pray that a President Obama continues that record throughout his term in office.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Montgomery County finance officials have just revised the numbers - and the county's projected deficit has just doubled! The Ficker Amendment passed just in time. This mess is a disaster of the council's own design. They failed to execute the basic requirements of leadership and fiscal responsibility. Now, where will they find the money as we enter the 2010 election cycle?

Don't worry, The Washington Post and Gazette will find a way to make the council successful in time for the election. I don't know how, and it will take some real spin to do it, but don't they always protect their Democrat friends? It will be entertaining to witness. Where to cut - public safety, social services, education? There are no good options for a council that has detonated the budget with out of control tax-and-spend fiscal mismanagement.


Yesterday's Post continued the newspaper's unethical public relations offensive on behalf of its new dear friend, Governor Martin O'Malley. (Not to be outdone, MPT has announced a new O'Malley TV show, patterned on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's Alo Presidente - I'm curious if this show will include footage of the violence and open air drug markets in O'Malley's Baltimore, and the other failures of his leadership there for which he was so unjustly rewarded with the governor's mansion in 2006?)

According to John! Wagner!!, O'Malley is about to end hunger in the state of Maryland. Check out the disclaimer though - it's not an O'Malley program, he's just going to apply for George W. Bush's existing federal aid. And that doesn't mean he'll get it. Happy Holidays, and warm wishes from your governor who cares so much about the hungry children that he prevented Bob Ehrlich from taking over their failing schools. Believe, indeed.


Barack Obama's new Domestic Policy boss was quoted in Obama's own Washington Post as being a passionate supporter of Roe v. Wade. Once again, pro-life Americans have been slapped across the face by divisive pro-abortion appointments by the president-elect who promised to unite the country. Instead, he has united the old Clinton administration.

Monday, November 24, 2008

So much for all of the soaring rhetoric (a.k.a. cliches) and talk of "one America." President-elect Barack Obama has predictably swept his "reduce the number of abortions" promises under the rug, and has joined his official newspaper, The Washington Post, in taking hurtful actions to divide America on the abortion issue.

Obama's first action on the life issue was to appoint the head of Emily's List(!!!) as his new White House communciations director. For those many Americans who don't pay attention to the debate... they need to know that Emily's List is a pro-abortion organization.

This is "bringing people together?" This is "finding consensus?"

What could be more offensive to pro-life Americans than appointing such a divisive, polarizing figure to his administration? As always, you have to ignore words, and examine the actions of a leader. And these actions could not be more offensive or hurtful. What a slap in the face to any pro-life American who fell for the Obama "bipartisan, faith-based" hoax.

This story has been covered up - bigtime. It should be a top news story, as Obama has gone back on his promise to unite the country before even taking office.

But what the Post (which has two members of its board of directors on the Obama economic team) did yesterday was to amplify its leader's message.

The Post magazine published an article that was designed to desensitize weak-minded readers to the reality of abortion. It was truly disgusting; a pro-abortion, anti-life propaganda piece.

Is this how Obama finds "consensus," by launching a broadside against pro-life Americans?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


First Critical Film of the
Obama Age Due for Spring Release

The past 8 years have given us a record number of films that are anti-war, anti-America, and anti-President. Of course, the real life figure these movies were criticizing was President George W. Bush. Quite a change, naturally, from the amoral 90s when Bill Clinton was in office.

Hollywood gave us Clinton propaganda in that decade. The sinister presidents and government agents found onscreen during the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush 41 years vanished from the screen. In their place, we had screen gems like "Dave." "Dave" was a liberal fantasy in which a Democratic George H.W. Bush clone would ostensibly be swapped for the real deal, and no one would notice. Democratic Bush 41 then replaced the "evil" Bush's supposedly mean and heartless government with a kindler, gentler, feel-good, liberal one.

How about "Air Force One?" This was supposed to be our handsome, can-do, action hero president (Bill Clinton) taking on those usual stand-ins for Republicans, the fascist/Euro-terrorist heavies aboard the namesake jet.

And that was in addition to drivel like "The American President" with Michael Douglas.

Government, for lack of a better word, was good.

It was a happy time, said the Hollywood liberal elite, and you were supposed to be happy too.

Then George W. Bush got in there, and goodness gracious, all those Socks-the-Cat video games disappeared overnight.

In their place, were hard-hitting films where the U.S. President was once again either a criminal or a fool. And trash by the likes of Michael Moore.

Many "moore" such movies came out this year, and there are "moore" in the pipeline.

And there's the rub.

Now all of these anti-government movies, rap cds, etc. either have to stop or they will be criticizing the Obama administration whether they meant to or not. If you're not pleased by the Obama victory, there is at least going to be a little bit of amusement and entertainment ahead for you as a result of this Hollywood dilemma.

While the top rap artists are pulling on their Mister Rogers sweaters, and becoming Barry Manilow style easy listening artists for Obama, the first critical movie of the new era has arrived.

"The Watchmen" is a film for the Obama era. It is about a president who seizes a third term in office. Now, since Barack Obama is the only president who has both the ego and the "public support" to garner such a Constitutional change, it is entirely conceivable that he would do so.

Here then, you have a president with a third term, who symbolizes Obama. Take that in for starters.

Now consider the propaganda campaign currently underway. The relentlessly positive press, the lack of criticism of Obama's surprisingly predictable and weak cabinet appointments, and the "mass movement" of the "Obama network."

Notice the Obama lawn signs that are still up. What is the message? Is it to intimidate those who did not vote for Obama? Was a central order given by the Obama campaign to keep the lawn signs up?

My favorite interpretation is inspired by my time as a Latin American history major. Many countries in that region, such as Argentina and Paraguay, had strongmen or dictators who ruled in an autocratic style for a time. Those leaders had public symbols that were displayed. Who can forget that light-up Stroessner sign? Genius and ego fused into one.

But there was also the practice of having to display a small portrait of the dictator in your home, and it was mandatory. That's what all these Obama signs remind me of. And those guys used the word "Progress," too.

So we are going to examine this Watchmen phenomenon, and have a bit of fun interpreting how elements of the story symbolize some aspect of the Obama Age.

Think this is made up?

Check out the internet - liberal Hollywood is abuzz about "The Watchmen." They are saying this movie has no place in the "new time" of Obama. They are asking if it can be delayed indefinitely (no chance, given the legion of comic book fans who have been waiting for it). And the producers and studio are actually pausing, and admitting they are doing some soul-searching.

That is fascinating, and although I have never read the comic book and doubt I will put down money for the movie, I am interested to find out the plot details so that we can dissect it here.

Until next time, the balcony is closed, and save me the aisle seat.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

JANUARY 20, 2009

Two Post Directors are Official
Members of Obama Team

A Exclusive!!

The Washington Post has always been a far-left house organ for the Democratic party. But on January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama is sworn in as our next President, the Post will literally have become a state-run newspaper.

Not surprisingly, The Washington Post is a corporate partner with so many entities that helped Mr. Obama and other Democrats get into office this past November 4. These include NBC, MSNBC, Microsoft, General Electric, etc., etc. All of which are now controlled by the Obama administration, through two members of the Washington Post Co. Board of Directors.

Warren Buffett almost singlehandedly elected Obama himself, by being a major player in the phony financial "crisis" (not to be confused with our country's real financial crisis, the one CNBC doesn't tell you about). Buffett just happened to be a major Obama financier. And a member of the Post Board. The Post - as its own employees now admit - shamelessly backed Obama and provided outrageously biased coverage of the election. Gee whiz, what a surprise.

The same Warren Buffett is a member of the Obama economic team - and absurdly had been proposed as Treasury Secretary. Which would have been like the wolf guarding the... whatever.

But hold on. There is yet another Post Board member on the Obama economic team!! Anne Mulcahy.

What does this mean? First, it is unprecedented in American history. Second, you can expect a newspaper and TV network operated by Obama administration officials to only increase the lovefest coverage they have displayed this year. Most frightening, is the power of the Washington Post, NBC, General Electric, Microsoft, and others to now direct national policy to their financial benefit. Not that big corporations didn't already have influence.

Direct control of major media outlets by White House officials is a dangerous new reality of the Obama administration. And yet, no one has even talked about this Post connection.

As billions and billions and billions of Americans supposedly converge on Washington for the inauguration, expect many a Post company journalist to feel a "thrill" during the events. Will you fall for this foolishness? Prepare yourself for a media lovefest like you have never before witnessed this January 20. Brought to you by the Obama administration.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Voters and Disabled Police Officers
Blamed by Democrats and Washington Post
for Passage of New Taxpayer Protection

The Washington Post keeps telling us that our all-Democrat elected officials are "kicking themselves" for "allowing" Robin Ficker's tax amendment to pass on November 4. But it seems that those Rockville Democrats - and their close friends at the Post - are kicking others besides themselves.

Our elected officials have shown a contempt for the voter in Montgomery County once again. According to them, we are not intelligent enough to vote on our own. They believe that we voted to pass the Ficker Amendment only because they didn't tell us it was bad. The message is that the voters are mindless and must be prompted how to vote by our all-knowing Big Government.

Preposterous. The amendment was actually the only one on the ballot that stated exactly what it was. Bravo to Mr. Ficker for what is not only a major victory for the taxpayer, but solid evidence that county residents want the fiscal responsibility that Republicans can offer. Now they need to elect Republicans to the council once again in 2010.

Unfortunately, The Washington Post went even further in a bizarre explanation for why voters passed the Ficker Amendment: the Post says it was because voters were thinking about disabled cops. In the Post's twisted view of the world, it is outlandish for a disabled police officer to ask for disability benefits when he or she retires.

But let the Post speak for itself:

"No doubt many voters also may have had in mind [that] more than 60 percent
of Montgomery police officers" received disability benefits. The Post goes
on to say that the majority of retiring officers "are gaming the system and
taking taxpayers for a costly ride."

The Post never misses a chance to criticize any police department, or to praise a criminal. So these nasty attacks are not a surprise.

But what do the attempts of the County Council and the Post to blame Democrat mismanagement of our county's finances on disabled police officers have to do with the Ficker Amendment passing?

I'm as confused as you are.

It's time for the Post, Ike Leggett, and the County Council to admit the facts: they have mismanaged the government, blown the budget apart with tax and spend policies and political paybacks, and now the voters have had enough. This year's massive property tax, parking, and fee increases were quite simply the last straw. Montgomery residents aren't going to take this abuse from their Democrat government anymore.

This was a calling card.

But in November 2010, Republicans will be at the door of power in Rockville.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Exclusive!

I know it's been two weeks since the election, but I can't resist sharing this exclusive information with you. When driving down Westbard Election Day morning, I passed the Westwood Shopping Center. As I went by the parking lot beyond the Rite Aid, I witnessed a familiar sight. A tent city.

Regular readers will remember how the film crew of National Treasure 2 used our shopping center's vast surface parking to operate a tent city.

This wasn't quite as big, and no big rigs or Metropolitan Police cruisers either.

No, it was Barack Obama's campaign.

It seems that Capital Properties allowed the Obama campaign to use our shopping center as a staging area. There was a white tent set up near the Kenwood Place driveway, a bunch of white Ford Club Wagons, and assorted people standing around amidst Obama signs.

What was happening there? I have no idea, unfortunately. I had to get to my polling place by 7 AM. But once again, Capital Properties has sold (or given away) the use of the lot for a tent city, without informing the surrounding civic associations and residents.

Does this give us any clues about the future operating style of Capital Properties? I don't know, but now we do know that Barack Obama has a big fan at Capital Properties.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"There you go again." After failing - for the moment - to ram through an ambulance fee that would cause seniors to avoid dialing 911 for financial reasons, our county Democrat officials are now going after retirees again.

Not only is the county cutting in-home help currently provided to some senior citizens, but it is also cutting off their transit priviledges.

Note the careful wording of the proposed reduction in Ride-On bus service. Many routes are losing midday service - the time when most senior citizens use public transportation. Younger, working people are primarily onboard during the rush hours. Midday service elimination affects routes such as those in the Grosvenor-Parkside-Montgomery Mall corridor, where large numbers of seniors live. Taken along with Montgomery's draconian property taxes, is there no end to the punishment our Democrat leaders can dish out toward our senior citizen population?

It's outrageous.

Also outrageous is the fact that the majority of bus routes being cut are in the upcounty area, affecting Clarksburg and Damascus. To quote Mike Knapp on another slap to Clarksburg...

"to the residents of Clarksburg, your government has basically turned its back on you."

Once again, the peculiar dynamic in government-upcounty relations is strengthened: upcounty residents pay taxes for Metro and Ride-On, but receive no Metrorail service and continual reductions in bus service. With the automobile as the only realistic commuting method for upcounty residents, the failure to serve that area with mass transit is one of the most stinging indictments of our elected officials' environmental hypocrisy.

A government passing expensive measures that hurt residents, builders, and businesses, for the sake of the global warming hoax, turns around and slashes mass transit. That's not green. It's just hypocrisy.

It's outrageous.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Noticed a lot of coverage of Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley in the Post recently? It's not by coincidence. Last week, the Post began publishing a series of short articles that have no negative content, and show the reader O'Malley in action.

Given my last post, you might not be surprised that a pro-criminal newspaper would gear up to help a desperate governor whose motto is "More progress for more prisoners." Well, okay, he said people not prisoners. But when you examine his pro-felon, prisoner release, prison escapee, anti-death penalty, close the Annapolis state police barrack, and $800,000 state police cruiser budget cut record.... ....ladies and gentlemen, I submit that Governor O'Malley and the Post indeed stoutheartedly stand for "More progress for more prisoners" in the great (blue) state of Maryland.

There were puff pieces about mortgage help and other social programs, which had no opposing viewpoints and appeared to have been cut-and-pasted from O'Malley press releases.

Remember when the Washington Post endorsed Bob Ehrlich for purely self-enrichment purposes in 2006? Don't expect the Post to endorse Ehrlich this time around. Mark my words, the Post is backing Martin O'Malley, the only politician in America not under indictment who has an approval rating lower than George W. Bush.

The campaign began last week. Expect more of one of the least popular governors in America in Post pages. That ought to sell some newspapers.

A recent editorial by the Washington Post editorial board again revealed the newspaper's far-left, pro-criminal concept of America. While eulogizing, defending, and virtually honoring the alleged killer of a Prince Georges County police officer, the Post neglected to mention even once the name of the officer.

His name was Cpl. Richard Scott Findley. He was 39 years old, and left behind a widow and two children, age 6 and 9. His sister, Debora A. Findley, is a Montgomery County police officer.

The Post's omission of the fallen officer is disgraceful. It is shameful. It's bad enough to be soft on crime, but this type of "journalism" is a new low.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new America. What happened to the old one? Apparently a lot, and we're going to be sorting this out for years to come. But what just happened this past Tuesday?

It's complicated.

The first thing you need to know is that the journalists aboard President-elect Barack Obama's plane asked him to autograph their credentials on Election Day morning. Before the votes had even been counted. Really, that is all you need to know about how Barack Obama became President.

But wait, Billy Mays, there's more!

I believe we have witnessed the power of the American media and public education system, under the utter domination of the far-left, the Democratic Party, and wealthy individuals such as Warren Buffett - who appear to have more power than the President.

I dare say, the financial crisis we are supposedly under is entirely fictional. It was created by Mr. Buffett and other tycoons, in coordination with the Democratic Party, as an October surprise to defeat John McCain. It also serves to initiate a new socialist economic state that will preserve our current flawed economic system to the benefit of those tycoons. Witness the misuse of the taxpayer funds already given to banks by George W. Bush.

George W. Bush - now there's a topic that needs to be discussed. But I digress.

We have also witnessed massive voter fraud. One can examine this election at the precinct level, where I certainly want to investigate who was voting here in Montgomery County. I witnessed some suspicious activity at my polling place, but I don't want to comment until I have the facts. It may have been nothing.

At the same time, get a load of the nationwide maps - all red for McCain, with small blue dots over some major cities. All the easier to concentrate those Acorn voters, when a handful of cities wins you the White House. Prince William for Obama? Seriously? Prince William, like Montgomery, has a large illegal immigrant population. Yet, studies show that even legal immigrant voters (citizens) have historically low turnout. So how do you square that with conservative Republican Prince William going for Obama? Interesting. Interesting.

Of course, the McCain campaign made serious mistakes. Voting for a pork barrel Wall Street bailout bill. Waiting too long to go mildly negative. Somehow believing that the September excitement was generated by McCain, and not Sarah Palin. And then hiding Gov. Palin during the very weeks she should have been featured in advertising. Advertising? McCain did very little of that. Obama commercials ran several times an hour for two months here. You simply cannot let your opponent dominate like that. The Buffett & Co. massive donations certainly helped Obama do just that. And while those many Obama offices failed to win counties all over Virginia, the lack of convenient McCain offices definitely reduced volunteer numbers nationwide.

But still, did America - in this dangerous time - really elect a novice politican who came out of nowhere as the man to lead us? A man whose sole accomplishments are beating Alan Keyes in Chicago, and writing 2 memoirs about himself?

Many Republicans at my polling place were demoralized on Tuesday. I didn't get around much to other polling places. I realized shortly after 7:00 AM that it was essential that I man my post, to give at least a small boost to Republican voters arriving to support John McCain. Even when the media tried to discourage all of us from voting. Instead, Republicans were encouraging each other before and after voting. Don't quit, don't give up.

I stood in front of the polling place with my McCain-Palin sign for 8 hours - including 6 straight hours from 7AM-1PM. Some Democrats had some nasty and obscene words and gestures for me, and certainly standing for 6 hours straight in a cold wind is not very comfortable. But when you think about what John McCain endured in Vietnam, it's nothing. I think each one of us were determined to take a stand for what is right, no matter how hopeless the odds. George Washington knew that you may lose a battle, but the important thing is to win the war. Thank you to each McCain voter who took time to come out, and for your determination and words of support. You defied the status quo by voting for Republican values.

Those values are not dead, even as Democrats and some Republicans again try to call in the priest for Last Rites for the Reagan Revolution. Reagan didn't fold in battle, and neither will we, even though the odds are greater than ever.

There is reason to be optimistic. We now have Sarah Palin - a real American and real Republican - as the frontrunner for President in 2012. And the Ficker amendment results show that there is bipartisan support for our Republican message on taxes here in Montgomery County. Now the voters need to realize that only by electing Republicans in 2010 will Montgomery County be able to use the Ficker Amendment (should it pass) to protect the taxpayer.

There is more to discuss in later posts. There is work to be done, and things that need to be investigated. By January 20, I also suggest every American have a sensible amount of necessary supplies (canned food, bottled water, first aid kit) on hand, as we will no longer have President Bush protecting our country from terrorist attacks. Let us pray that a President Obama can continue Bush's perfect record of no attacks since 9/11. Anyone taking on the tremendous challenge of the presidency at this time is in tremendous need of our prayers.