Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I attended the GEICO candidates' open house yesterday in Chevy Chase. There was a good turnout of candidates, as it included all Districts in Montgomery County. I was the first candidate to arrive. I met two of my opponents for the first time, and it turns out that the majority of Delegate candidates are graduates of the University of Maryland. Including myself.

There were free hot dogs, chips, and a big cake that I think said, "Election 2006." A lot of people came for the hot dogs. There did turn out to be about 6 GEICO employees in District 16. One said he would definitely vote for me, and I'm hoping that the others will after considering my positions and agenda. I always say that my priorities are those of the community, and the issues people told me they were concerned about were those that my campaign is addressing.

For all of you regular viewers of the Rockville Channel, Bob Dorsey was there. But I should really stick to mentioning Republican candidates! At one point Howard Denis made an appearance, and I have to say that he has really gotten a lot done on major issues this year on the Council. Chuck Floyd was there. Scott Rolle, Amber Gnemi, Moshe Starkman, Jeff Stein, John Austin, John Joaquin, Chris Pilkerton, who am I forgetting? No, the Gecko was not there.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yesterday, I attended two events. As my late grandmother would say, "two things in one day?" First, I managed to get out to Rockville for a Republican candidates' luncheon hosted by Dan Willard of the Central Committee. We went over some strategies and plans for the election. There was a good turnout, including County Executive candidate Chuck Floyd and the new, third delegate candidate here in District 16, Angela Markelonis. It was a very productive and informative luncheon.

Then, last evening, I attended a lovely reception for Chuck Floyd at the home of Issa and Nahid Khozeimeh. The Khozeimehs have been friends of my family for many years. This was by far the nicest campaign event I've been to, including the best food. Other candidates attending included Moshe Starkman, who was just nominated to run against Albert Wynn for Congress, Jeff Stein (running for Congress in District 8), and Tom Reinheimer (Central Committee chairman running for County Council - At Large). We each had a chance to speak, and there is a lot of optimism for our party's chances this year. It was a very nice evening, and many thanks to the Khozeimehs for hosting this.

Monday, July 17, 2006

This has been a very interesting 7 days. I attended the Candidate Reception at Republican Party HQ last Tuesday in Rockville, which was followed by the meeting of the Central Committee. About 14 candidates were nominated by the Committee, including my father, Dr. Robert F. Dyer, Jr. for State Senate - District 16. To state the obvious, this means that you can vote for my father for Senate, and for me for the House of Delegates on the same ballot. I'll add my father's site to the links on the right, as soon as it is online.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Something strange is going on at the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Besides running for Delegate in District 16, I also decided to run for the District 16 seat on the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee. At the time, there was only one candidate for the two District 16 seats. On Friday, June 30, I went to file at the County Board of Elections in Rockville. I faxed my candidate information ahead, and had all my completed forms with me.

Then on Monday (July 3), I heard that my name had not appeared on the Board's candidates list. But strangely, the names of other candidates who were still signing up when I left the Board office were listed. Hmm. I called the Board, and was transferred to the official who handled the filing on Friday. He told me, understandably, that they were "behind the eight ball," and that my name would appear on a later update.

This made it appear to the public that no one was running for the seat on the Central Committee. Suddenly, two additional candidates for the seat filed on July 3. Now, perhaps they were planning to run all along. But by not listing a candidate for a particular office, it might inspire people to file for what appears to be an open, uncontested seat. In this way, the County Board may have literally changed the dynamic of the race. And if that were the case, that is wrong.

Wait, it gets better. Today (July 5) I checked the State Board's candidate list, and guess what? I'm not on the list. And yet even those who filed at the 11th hour on July 3 are on the list. ?Que esta pasando? What's going on here? I am seeking a logical explanation for how I can be the only candidate who filed by June 30 that is not listed as running. It clearly was not lack of time, because the other names are listed. Someone had plenty of time to type all of those other names.

The important thing is to file and appear on the ballot, that's true. And, apparently, my name is on the County's list today. Great, now that I have opponents. But it seems to me that to leave some names off, and not process them in order of filing, has the real potential to change elections. I don't see why I should be treated as a second class of citizen by the Board, while all other candidates are listed.