Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Assault reported at Suburban Hospital, 6 drug busts + more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on September 27, according to crime data:

Burglary. 4400 block Bradley Lane at 9:41 PM.

Assault. Suburban Hospital.

Vehicle burglary. 5900 block Anniston Road.

Vehicle burglary. Tulane Avenue at Bowdoin Avenue (Glen Echo).

Theft. 7100 block Democracy Boulevard.

Drug arrest. 4800 block Battery Lane at 11:27 PM.

Drug arrest. 7900 block Woodmont Avenue at 12:31 AM.

Drug arrest. 7800 block Marion Lane at 12:04 AM.

Drug arrest. 6300 block Friendship Court at 7:17 PM.

Drug arrest. 5300 block Tuscawaras Road at 9:41 PM.

Drug arrest. 11800 block Timber Lane (Randolph Hills).

Death. 5900 block Cobalt Road at 6:13 AM.

Bradley Party & Variety is fully stocked for Halloween (Photos)

Now the only variety store left in Bethesda, Bradley Party & Variety is going all-out for the Halloween season, aiming to be the headquarters for costumes, decorations, accessories, party goods and more. Stop by between 3:00 and 7:00 PM daily to see the gargoyle in the front window put on a scary performance complete with sound and billowing smoke. Want to buy it for yourself? That will set you back $3999 for this movie-quality prop.
It's just a stone
gargoyle, right?

Wait a minute, the
eyes just lit up

Now it's starting to
belch more smoke
than a VW diesel

Costumes range from Zoolander to Superman to a high-tech Godzilla get-up that's probably going to be more realistic and entertaining than the Matthew Broderick version. Every type of ghoul imaginable to haunt your home or haunted house is here, along with an army's worth of party supplies, dinnerware, welcome mats, and scary invitations.

With no pop-up mega-Halloween stores in downtown Bethesda, Bradley Party & Variety is going to come in handy for the serious Halloween fanatic and last-minute costume shopper alike. Bradley Party & Variety is located in the Bradley Shopping Center at 6922 Arlington Road.

Abuse of EV spaces rampant in new Bethesda garage (Photos)

Special Investigative Report

Bethesda is known as a progressive, enlightened and environmentally-conscious town. But that isn't on display beneath its urban streets. Drivers of gasoline vehicles are regularly hogging spaces reserved for electric vehicles (EVs) in the new Capital Crescent Garage at Bethesda and Woodmont Avenues, and enforcement appears lax.
Whoops, Hyundai doesn't
make an EV Tiburon
BMW and
Honda Accord in
EV spaces Friday
Honda makes EVs, but
this ain't one of them
On Friday evening during the busiest dinner hour, several EV charging spaces were taken up by gas vehicles, ranging from Hyundais to expensive BMWs. Subsequent spot checks turned up the same abuse, including on Monday night, again during the 6:00 PM hour.
Volvo on Monday evening
during dinner hour
Nope, these aren't
Neither is this
Nor this
Space after space was available
on lower levels of the 900+ space
garage - over 600, to be exact -
for gasoline-powered vehicles
With over 600 parking spaces available, non-EV drivers were still parking in the limited-but-convenient EV spaces - including a Porsche. The EV spaces were conveniently located as another incentive for choosing alternative fuel vehicles, much like the HOV access EV drivers often enjoy.
Only one offending driver
had been ticketed
Only one vehicle had been ticketed by parking enforcement during the times shown here. With Bethesda having one of the largest percentages of EVs in America, the rampant abuse could mean EV drivers planning to park and charge their vehicle would be blocked out by an ineligible driver.
The Capital Crescent Garage is also known as Public Parking Garage 31, and is operated by Montgomery County Government.