Thursday, February 28, 2008


"Magic" Martin O'Malley Gives Henning and
Copperfield a Run for Their Money as
Bay Cleanup Will Not Be Fully Funded

Democrat Environmental Hypocrisy
Exposed... Again!

It's Outrageous

This just in... Democrats who sold their souls in the Maryland Democratic Party's Faustian bargain with the gaming industry touted a $50 million Chesapeake Bay cleanup fund, promised to them by Gov. Martin O'Malley. Now O'Malley and our Democratic delegates are going back on their promise! It turns out that much of the $50 million will go not to cleaning up the bay, but instead to the Democrat special interests.

Once again, it is business-as-usual for Democrats in Annapolis, as our environmental crisis continues without real leadership on the major causes of bay pollution. For shame, for shame. It's outrageous.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Special Tags Proposed for
DUI Convicts

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee Chairman Del. William A. Bronrott, and other Democrats in Annapolis, have yet to publicly criticize Democratic House Majority Leader Kumar Barve for his dangerous 2007 DUI escapades. Perhaps they will take this opportunity to present Mr. Barve with a very special set of new Maryland vanity plates.

The special plates proposed in the House today are yellow and feature the letters DUI in red. Surely, a pair of vanity tags can be prepared! Mr. Barve's constituents have a right to know, and a right to an explanation, an apology, and the same consequences for Mr. Barve that the ordinary citizen would have to accept. Or does this mean all drivers now get a free pass on DUI and DWI offenses?

When does this case go to trial? What is taking so long? Why are the Washington Post, Gazette, and Examiner ignoring this story? Are Democrats in Annapolis above the law?


We are in the midst of the second remodeling of the Westwood Giant in 5 years, and the store is a real mess. There has been everything from blueberries to mystery puddles on the floor. Now they are digging into the ground inside the store(!). As you can imagine, this is generating a lot of dust and dirt into the air. It is quite odd that the company would do this type of work during hours of operation. The customer deserves a better environment than this.


Speaking of Westbard, congratulations to Yirasai Sushi on the other side of the street for being named one of the top neighborhood sushi bars in the D.C. Metro area by Washingtonian magazine.

Democrats Continue to Neglect Children and the
Major Issues in Annapolis

What better way to follow up novelty legislation, than to hang out on social networking site Facebook? The Gazette has a prominent puff piece today on local legislators who are active on Facebook, including our own Democratic delegates, William A. Bronrott and "The Gambler," C. William Frick.

This would not be noteworthy, had our delegates been working hard on the major issues in Annapolis. But they have ignored those issues, as usual, and Facebook appears to be their new way to kill time on the taxpayer's dime. We didn't send these legislators to Annapolis, and pay them $150,000 in taxpayer money, to have a vacation.

Once again, children's issues have been entirely ignored by our Democratic delegates, who have introduced legislation to make walking the state exercise, to make taxpayers pay for their campaigns, and to ban "texting" while driving. Nothing has been done on early childhood education and nutrition, domestic violence and abuse, dangerous and toxic portable classrooms in our public schools, and now the serving of recalled meat in Montgomery County public school lunchrooms.

It's outrageous. Food safety is increasingly a critical issue in America, and Annapolis has avoided it altogether. Now the lack of leadership has come home to your children's school cafeteria.

Our radical delegates and county councilmembers have acted as food police at a loud volume over the last year and two months. Now it turns out that George Leventhal, Bronrott, Frick, Lee, and Co. have presided over the largest and most unprecedented food safety scandal in Montgomery County public school history.

For shame, for shame. As I have always said - priorities and values, priorities and values. Isn't it time you had elected officials who share yours?


Speaking of my phrase, "priorities and values," Congressman Chris Van Hollen recently stole my line when he spoke about the District 1 congressional race. Interestingly, Mr. Van Hollen was in the crowd one of the times I said this, at a 2006 candidate forum in Glen Echo. As in, "Isn't it time you had a delegate who shares your priorities and values?"

Mr. Van Hollen, if you need any more material, call me.


Republican Delegate Introduces Ambitious
Legislation to Connect Capital with D.C., Charm City

Ron George, a Republican delegate from Anne Arundel County, has introduced long-overdue legislation to study rail lines to Annapolis from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

If I had been elected in 2006, I would be signing on to this bill if I hadn't introduced it myself already.

I've pointed out many times that Maryland is virtually the only state in the union without rail service to its capital. It's outrageous. And these are just some of the rail lines that we need to build to bring our transportation system into the 21st century.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Environmental Consequences Unknown
After Fuel Truck Accident at Alexandria Plant
Thousands of gallons of diesel fuel entered storm drains connected to the Potomac River at Mirant's Alexandria electric plant, after a tank truck struck a dumpster(!). This latest environmental incident reveals again that the Maryland General Assembly is totally off-base with its extremist, irrelevant environmental agenda. And that its good friend Mirant is likely to face little criticism in Annapolis, as one of the biggest financial contributors to lawmakers there.
Governor Martin O'Malley's new carbon plan is simply a plot to drain the wallets of working taxpayers and pump new cash from state and energy company coffers into the Democrats' large, corporate campaign contributors. Don't be fooled. Carbon emissions have nothing to do with rising or falling global temperatures. Nor do they have any connection whatsoever to rising sea levels. In the 1930s, it was hotter than it was during the 1980s. And now it's hot again. So what? The Thames River in England was once much higher. So what? Well, those are scientific facts based on actual data. Something Brian Frosh, Mike Miller, Michael Busch, and O'Malley have yet to consult before making pseudo-scientific pronouncements.

So let's start asking the real questions about pollution in the state of Maryland.

The only question O'Malley seems to keep asking is, "What's in your wallet?"

Sunday, February 10, 2008


State Flip-Flops on O'Malley's Promise to
Protect Historic Ocean City Amusement Park from
Outrageous Property Taxes

The administration of Gov. Martin O'Malley has gone back on its pledge to save Ocean City's historic Trimper's amusement park from closure due to skyrocketing property taxes. In response to the governor's flip-flop, Worcester County is now prepared to offer tax credits to the park's owners.

Trimper's will still owe the state property taxes on its land, but apparently that could be offset by a tax credit from the county. If this sounds unclear, it is. Even county commissioner Virgil L. Shockley expressed some confusion over whether or not this solution is actually going to solve the problem.

Stay tuned as we continue to defend Trimper's from a developer land grab, and protect wildlife from the proposed wind farm that would destroy the natural scenery off the coast of Ocean City.

Governor Continues to Win in
The New South

Huckabee Has Momentum As
Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.
Prepare to Vote Tuesday

The Republican race for President is not over yet. Governor Mike Huckabee won two more states today, with wins in Kansas and Louisiana. He has a real chance to win in Virginia this Tuesday, if real Virginians in the West, Southwest, and central areas of the state come out to vote. This is an all-hands on deck situation for conservatives in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.! Stop whining, stop complaining, and start voting!! We have a real conservative in the race and on the ballot. Now that real conservative has real momentum after his Super Tuesday sweep in the south, and today's decisive victories.

What is fascinating is to witness the formation of "The New South." Apparently, the real Southern states in 2008 are West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas, and Louisiana. Having been born in Virginia, I'm hoping that my state doesn't exit the South Tuesday. South Carolina is not really a Southern state anymore. The problem seems to be all those Yankees that have moved to the growing cities there. And they've brought their liberal ways with them.

When the election is actually decided, then conservatives can celebrate or argue or do whatever they want. But right now, if they are really conservatives as they claim, they need to get out and vote for Mike Huckabee.

Virginia is a possible victory. Maryland could provide some delegates, assuming moderates will come out in force for John McCain. Texas votes on March 4 - that would be a huge win, unless even Texans have become liberals! Now that would be a seismic shift at least as powerful as the one in South Carolina. Of course, it was Drop Dead Fred who cost Huckabee the victory in SC. Ohio votes March 4 also, but that one is hard to predict.

Then on March 14, Mississippi is almost a certain win for Huckabee.

Again, we should support John McCain if he officially wins the nomination. But this is still a two man race, and that means each of us has the right to vote for the candidate of our choice. I'm prepared to support - and actively work for - Sen. McCain, an outstanding patriot and American hero, if he is the nominee; but on Tuesday, I will vote my conscience on the pro-life, 2nd Amendment, and economic issues that are fundamental to the future of our nation - as well as the critical appointments the next president will make to the Supreme Court: and that means voting for Mike Huckabee.

Can Cheney be Vice-President Again?

Once again, Vice-President Dick Cheney has shown why he is The Man, with his masterful vocabulary:

"A tougher program for tougher customers."

"It’s a good thing we had them in custody, and it’s a good thing we found out what they knew."

No successful attacks since 9/11 - a major part of the Bush-Cheney legacy.

That would be a great week for some in Washington. But Cheney wasn't finished yet! He then filed a friend of the court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court asking them to uphold the overturning of the unconstitutional D.C. gun ban.

This was a break with the Bush administration's latest bizarre decision: to ask the Court to send the decision back to the lower court?! And miss out on the chance to finally restore the 2nd Amendment?

Cheney, like most of us who strongly support the full restoration of 2nd Amendment rights, was having none of it. He filed his own brief in defense of the right to bear arms for all Americans.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Washington Post Gambles on
"The Gambler" with Front Page
Metro Puff Piece

I have not been offered a job with a psychic hotline yet, but frankly I'm surprised about that. Once again, my predictions were correct. A few months back I told you that The Washington Post and The Gazette would do everything they could to give exposure to District 16's controversial, non-elected delegate, C. William Frick. And it has begun, with a front page Metro section puff piece about some minor credit legislation "The Gambler," Bill Frick, introduced in the House.

The merits of the legislation are a separate issue; but regardless, it was not worthy of a large, prominent, front page placement. Many major stories, including deaths, murders, scandals, etc. or involving prominent elected officials, are hidden in the back pages of the Metro section. To have such a minor story on the front page is a clear case of Democrats desperately trying to build the Bill Frick brand.

Desperate because, if you've followed the Bill Frick saga, a substantial percentage of Democrats in District 16 are still furious about his appointment. Women are furious because he was appointed over a more qualified female candidate, Regina Oldak. Slots opponents are furious because "The Gambler" Bill Frick's law firm lobbies bigtime for the gaming industry on Capitol Hill.

And the Democratic grassroots organization is furious, because Ike Leggett's choice, Bill Frick, meant that two loyal activists who had done so much for the party were just thrown overboard by their own Central Committee. I'm talking about Reggie Oldak and Don Mooers - and so are the Democrats! Nobody is going to forget this anytime soon. Thus it is critical that the house organs, the Post and Gazette, get everyone back on board by 2010.

Desperate also, because virtually no one - even within the party - had ever even heard of Bill Frick. So, as predicted, the papers have to get the phrase "C. William Frick (D - Bethesda)" on a macro, and on those pages - fast!

What an odd situation for the Post, and I guess we can expect more front page coverage for The Gambler in the not so distant future.



One of the great shocks of the last few weeks was the decline of the conservative talk-radio host. After most of them endorsed Mitt Romney, Republicans went ahead and voted for John McCain anyway. There is one man who still has credibility in the social conservative movement: Dr. James Dobson.

Every American has the right to be heard until the voting ends. Every vote counts. Of course, we should support Sen. McCain if he is the nominee. He may not agree with us on every issue, but he is a fine American, a hero, and is certainly well-qualified to defend our nation against the threats of our time. But until it is official, Republicans are allowed to support the candidate of their choice. That is part of the process, and I encourage everyone to vote on Tuesday.

I hope you'll consider voting for Gov. Huckabee, who is a staunch defender of the right to life, and of our 2nd Amendment rights. He also opposes the destruction of human life through stem-cell research. Importantly, he has spoken out on the real economic issues in our country today: we are losing jobs through "free trade" agreements, taxes are too high, and not everyone is doing well. In order to turn this around, we need a president who actually can diagnose the problems! With over a decade of executive experience as governor of Arkansas. And we need someone who can inspire and uplift people across this country, just as Ronald Reagan did.

That's why I am supporting Mike Huckabee on Tuesday, and I hope real conservatives will join me in Maryland and in the rest of the country where Americans haven't even had a chance to vote yet!

Conservatives Still Have a Candidate



Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The hits just keep on coming from District 16 delegate Bill Bronrott. He has made a public announcement regarding liquor sales at the new taxpayer-funded concert venue in Silver Spring. Once again, the issues of alcohol and drunk driving are being used for personal publicity and political gain.

It was just 2 months ago that Mr. Bronrott's Democratic colleague, Delegate Kumar Barve, was arrested for DUI after leaving Growler's Pub in Gaithersburg. Exactly the same crime that Mr. Bronrott is now speaking out on - but one problem! - he did not have these concerns when it was his fellow Democrat, Barve, who was committing the crime!!

Keeping in mind that Mr. Bronrott had not a single comment or criticism of Mr. Barve's reckless, potentially-fatal, drunken escapades, examine these quotes from today's Gazette:

A lawmaker’s concern over public drunkenness delayed a vote over changes to liquor license laws that would affect the county’s controversial agreement with Live Nation to open a music hall in Silver Spring.

Hold on, here's where it really gets hypocritical:

‘‘The concern I have is with the possible unintended consequences of allowing people to consume alcohol from the time they enter the venue until the time they leave,” said Del. William A. Bronrott (D-Dist. 16) of Bethesda. ‘‘There is a possibility for accidents, and with the county working towards pedestrian safety and safe driving this is something we do not want to see happen.”

Unbelievable. Because Mr. Bronrott's colleague, Kumar Barve, consumed alcohol from the time he entered Growler's until the time he left. As a drunk driver, Barve faced a real "possibility for accidents." Yet Mr. Bronrott, strangely, did not make these public comments when Barve's DUI arrest occurred.

So here's the score: According to Bill Bronrott's words and actions, it is ok for a Democratic official such as Kumar Barve or T. Eloise Foster to drink and drive. But, he believes, it is wrong for you - the average citizen - to do so. That's called a double standard. Do you agree with Mr. Bronrott? Do you believe that you must follow the law, but that Democratic elected officials are above the law?

Developer Power Grab Alert!


Marilyn Praisner passed only 5 days ago, and Montgomery County Council President Mike Knapp has already announced he might "take advantage" of the empty chair on the council's Development Committee by appointing himself to fill it.

Remember, Knapp is a member of the developers' "End Gridlock" (no chuckles please) team, and received the 2nd highest amount of developer money in the 2006 election. He was only surpassed by Nancy Floreen.

Best of all, Knapp said that, in his opinion, voters did not give a slow-growth mandate in the 2006 election. (Remember what I said about chuckles).

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Litigious Superintendent's Judicial
Adventures Threaten to Overshadow
Weast's Record of Academic Success

During my 2006 campaign, I did a partial audit of spending by the Montgomery County Public School system. In one case, the renovation of Bells Mill Elementary in Potomac, I found a waste of $500,000 in taxpayer funds. This surplus amount should have been returned to the taxpayers of Montgomery County. Instead, it was used for non-intended purposes.

The other shocking discovery was how much of your tax money was being wasted on fighting predictable lawsuits which resulted from Superintendent Jerry Weast - and the School Board's - radical agenda. Weast was spending about $82,000 a month in court to keep flyers for after-school Bible study out of kids' backpacks. When you consider what else is going into kids' backpacks - drugs, weapons, etc. - in many county schools, you have to be on an anti-Christian crusade to spend even a second worrying about Bible study flyers.

But Weast spent more than a second; he spent over $82,000 a month fighting that lawsuit. We don't have the total number, nor was any verdict ever announced in the case. What we do know is that the school system did not have a lawsuit-proof flyer policy.

Now, why would they not write a lawsuit-proof policy? Well, it could be that they were legally and organizationally incompetent. In that case, the officials responsible should be held accountable. Why should money be taken instead from low-income students around the county?

Of course, the other possibility is that Weast has a radical social agenda, and a "bring 'em on" attitude towards any citizen or group who would dare step up and oppose him.

Witness Weast's latest display of legal jujitsu in the lawsuit against the county's new health curriculum. Schools funded by taxpayer money should not be presenting any one side of a particular argument in these classes. To say that a negative opinion is a "religious" opinion is absurd when the school system is presenting an equally "religious" favorable opinion on the same issue. Because some religions are more liberal and take that favorable position. The only "non-religious" opinion, then, is to stick to the scientific facts.

Why would they go beyond the scientific facts? Because they want to push the envelope through activist judges who will legislate from the bench. In other words, they intentionally put a controversial policy in place in hopes that it will attract a lawsuit. The goal is to get a court decision that will solidify that policy not only in the county, but statewide through the judicial precendent.

What does such a personal and political crusade have to do with Mr. Weast's mandated responsibility to educate the children who attend public school?

Absolutely nothing.

Mr. Weast should stick to improving academics in school, which he has proven to be quite successful at, and should be commended for. And our legislators in Rockville and Annapolis must put aside their own far-left agendas, and begin to require Montgomery County to spend its taxpayer funds on exactly what the citizens expected it to be spent on.