Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Exclusive!

I know it's been two weeks since the election, but I can't resist sharing this exclusive information with you. When driving down Westbard Election Day morning, I passed the Westwood Shopping Center. As I went by the parking lot beyond the Rite Aid, I witnessed a familiar sight. A tent city.

Regular readers will remember how the film crew of National Treasure 2 used our shopping center's vast surface parking to operate a tent city.

This wasn't quite as big, and no big rigs or Metropolitan Police cruisers either.

No, it was Barack Obama's campaign.

It seems that Capital Properties allowed the Obama campaign to use our shopping center as a staging area. There was a white tent set up near the Kenwood Place driveway, a bunch of white Ford Club Wagons, and assorted people standing around amidst Obama signs.

What was happening there? I have no idea, unfortunately. I had to get to my polling place by 7 AM. But once again, Capital Properties has sold (or given away) the use of the lot for a tent city, without informing the surrounding civic associations and residents.

Does this give us any clues about the future operating style of Capital Properties? I don't know, but now we do know that Barack Obama has a big fan at Capital Properties.

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