Monday, November 17, 2008


Noticed a lot of coverage of Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley in the Post recently? It's not by coincidence. Last week, the Post began publishing a series of short articles that have no negative content, and show the reader O'Malley in action.

Given my last post, you might not be surprised that a pro-criminal newspaper would gear up to help a desperate governor whose motto is "More progress for more prisoners." Well, okay, he said people not prisoners. But when you examine his pro-felon, prisoner release, prison escapee, anti-death penalty, close the Annapolis state police barrack, and $800,000 state police cruiser budget cut record.... ....ladies and gentlemen, I submit that Governor O'Malley and the Post indeed stoutheartedly stand for "More progress for more prisoners" in the great (blue) state of Maryland.

There were puff pieces about mortgage help and other social programs, which had no opposing viewpoints and appeared to have been cut-and-pasted from O'Malley press releases.

Remember when the Washington Post endorsed Bob Ehrlich for purely self-enrichment purposes in 2006? Don't expect the Post to endorse Ehrlich this time around. Mark my words, the Post is backing Martin O'Malley, the only politician in America not under indictment who has an approval rating lower than George W. Bush.

The campaign began last week. Expect more of one of the least popular governors in America in Post pages. That ought to sell some newspapers.

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