Monday, November 24, 2008

So much for all of the soaring rhetoric (a.k.a. cliches) and talk of "one America." President-elect Barack Obama has predictably swept his "reduce the number of abortions" promises under the rug, and has joined his official newspaper, The Washington Post, in taking hurtful actions to divide America on the abortion issue.

Obama's first action on the life issue was to appoint the head of Emily's List(!!!) as his new White House communciations director. For those many Americans who don't pay attention to the debate... they need to know that Emily's List is a pro-abortion organization.

This is "bringing people together?" This is "finding consensus?"

What could be more offensive to pro-life Americans than appointing such a divisive, polarizing figure to his administration? As always, you have to ignore words, and examine the actions of a leader. And these actions could not be more offensive or hurtful. What a slap in the face to any pro-life American who fell for the Obama "bipartisan, faith-based" hoax.

This story has been covered up - bigtime. It should be a top news story, as Obama has gone back on his promise to unite the country before even taking office.

But what the Post (which has two members of its board of directors on the Obama economic team) did yesterday was to amplify its leader's message.

The Post magazine published an article that was designed to desensitize weak-minded readers to the reality of abortion. It was truly disgusting; a pro-abortion, anti-life propaganda piece.

Is this how Obama finds "consensus," by launching a broadside against pro-life Americans?

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