Saturday, November 22, 2008

JANUARY 20, 2009

Two Post Directors are Official
Members of Obama Team

A Exclusive!!

The Washington Post has always been a far-left house organ for the Democratic party. But on January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama is sworn in as our next President, the Post will literally have become a state-run newspaper.

Not surprisingly, The Washington Post is a corporate partner with so many entities that helped Mr. Obama and other Democrats get into office this past November 4. These include NBC, MSNBC, Microsoft, General Electric, etc., etc. All of which are now controlled by the Obama administration, through two members of the Washington Post Co. Board of Directors.

Warren Buffett almost singlehandedly elected Obama himself, by being a major player in the phony financial "crisis" (not to be confused with our country's real financial crisis, the one CNBC doesn't tell you about). Buffett just happened to be a major Obama financier. And a member of the Post Board. The Post - as its own employees now admit - shamelessly backed Obama and provided outrageously biased coverage of the election. Gee whiz, what a surprise.

The same Warren Buffett is a member of the Obama economic team - and absurdly had been proposed as Treasury Secretary. Which would have been like the wolf guarding the... whatever.

But hold on. There is yet another Post Board member on the Obama economic team!! Anne Mulcahy.

What does this mean? First, it is unprecedented in American history. Second, you can expect a newspaper and TV network operated by Obama administration officials to only increase the lovefest coverage they have displayed this year. Most frightening, is the power of the Washington Post, NBC, General Electric, Microsoft, and others to now direct national policy to their financial benefit. Not that big corporations didn't already have influence.

Direct control of major media outlets by White House officials is a dangerous new reality of the Obama administration. And yet, no one has even talked about this Post connection.

As billions and billions and billions of Americans supposedly converge on Washington for the inauguration, expect many a Post company journalist to feel a "thrill" during the events. Will you fall for this foolishness? Prepare yourself for a media lovefest like you have never before witnessed this January 20. Brought to you by the Obama administration.

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