Sunday, November 23, 2008


First Critical Film of the
Obama Age Due for Spring Release

The past 8 years have given us a record number of films that are anti-war, anti-America, and anti-President. Of course, the real life figure these movies were criticizing was President George W. Bush. Quite a change, naturally, from the amoral 90s when Bill Clinton was in office.

Hollywood gave us Clinton propaganda in that decade. The sinister presidents and government agents found onscreen during the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush 41 years vanished from the screen. In their place, we had screen gems like "Dave." "Dave" was a liberal fantasy in which a Democratic George H.W. Bush clone would ostensibly be swapped for the real deal, and no one would notice. Democratic Bush 41 then replaced the "evil" Bush's supposedly mean and heartless government with a kindler, gentler, feel-good, liberal one.

How about "Air Force One?" This was supposed to be our handsome, can-do, action hero president (Bill Clinton) taking on those usual stand-ins for Republicans, the fascist/Euro-terrorist heavies aboard the namesake jet.

And that was in addition to drivel like "The American President" with Michael Douglas.

Government, for lack of a better word, was good.

It was a happy time, said the Hollywood liberal elite, and you were supposed to be happy too.

Then George W. Bush got in there, and goodness gracious, all those Socks-the-Cat video games disappeared overnight.

In their place, were hard-hitting films where the U.S. President was once again either a criminal or a fool. And trash by the likes of Michael Moore.

Many "moore" such movies came out this year, and there are "moore" in the pipeline.

And there's the rub.

Now all of these anti-government movies, rap cds, etc. either have to stop or they will be criticizing the Obama administration whether they meant to or not. If you're not pleased by the Obama victory, there is at least going to be a little bit of amusement and entertainment ahead for you as a result of this Hollywood dilemma.

While the top rap artists are pulling on their Mister Rogers sweaters, and becoming Barry Manilow style easy listening artists for Obama, the first critical movie of the new era has arrived.

"The Watchmen" is a film for the Obama era. It is about a president who seizes a third term in office. Now, since Barack Obama is the only president who has both the ego and the "public support" to garner such a Constitutional change, it is entirely conceivable that he would do so.

Here then, you have a president with a third term, who symbolizes Obama. Take that in for starters.

Now consider the propaganda campaign currently underway. The relentlessly positive press, the lack of criticism of Obama's surprisingly predictable and weak cabinet appointments, and the "mass movement" of the "Obama network."

Notice the Obama lawn signs that are still up. What is the message? Is it to intimidate those who did not vote for Obama? Was a central order given by the Obama campaign to keep the lawn signs up?

My favorite interpretation is inspired by my time as a Latin American history major. Many countries in that region, such as Argentina and Paraguay, had strongmen or dictators who ruled in an autocratic style for a time. Those leaders had public symbols that were displayed. Who can forget that light-up Stroessner sign? Genius and ego fused into one.

But there was also the practice of having to display a small portrait of the dictator in your home, and it was mandatory. That's what all these Obama signs remind me of. And those guys used the word "Progress," too.

So we are going to examine this Watchmen phenomenon, and have a bit of fun interpreting how elements of the story symbolize some aspect of the Obama Age.

Think this is made up?

Check out the internet - liberal Hollywood is abuzz about "The Watchmen." They are saying this movie has no place in the "new time" of Obama. They are asking if it can be delayed indefinitely (no chance, given the legion of comic book fans who have been waiting for it). And the producers and studio are actually pausing, and admitting they are doing some soul-searching.

That is fascinating, and although I have never read the comic book and doubt I will put down money for the movie, I am interested to find out the plot details so that we can dissect it here.

Until next time, the balcony is closed, and save me the aisle seat.

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