Saturday, May 19, 2012


What happened to The Preakness this year?  The run-up to the race the last few years was filled with hype.

But the 2012 Preakness is this afternoon.  Where's all the hype?  Where is that half-man/half-donkey they used in the marketing last time?  Good riddance!

Oh, well.

You can be sure that I haven't forgotten about what is arguably the biggest sporting event in the state of Maryland.  Let's not forget that horse racing is "the sport of kings," after all!

As little has been heard about The Preakness, even less has been said about where to go in Bethesda to celebrate it.

I've come through for you again, in that regard!

Head to Mussel Bar at Bethesda Row this afternoon for their special Preakness cocktail:  The Black Eyed Susan!
The delicious and refreshing Black Eyed Susan
Preakness cocktail at Mussel Bar (Photo: Abby Schling)

What's in the Black Eyed Susan?

White rum, vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, crushed ice, and - as you can tell from the photo - a cherry on top.

The cost is $9.

You can also order a Mint Julep!

Mussel Bar will add a third cocktail for the next race, the Belmont Stakes on June 11, providing a Triple Crown of cocktails.

Be first out of the gate today at Mussel Bar, for a Preakness cocktail!

Mussel Bar, 7262 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda.  301-215-7817.

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