Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today at noon, some of the less than 20 people who have rammed the Montgomery County Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan through the "process" - with no formal public input to date - will yet again hold a press conference.

Elected officials and members of the BRT task force will tell you "how it's gonna be."  Everything has been decided behind closed doors.  No alternative has been presented, other than the plan they and campaign-contributing developers already had two years ago.

With Bethesda residents poised to pay $1000 a year or more in new taxes to fund the BRT boondoggle, I hope the local media will have tough questions at the press conference.  And not just accept the pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by hogwash the secretive BRT cabal has been serving up.

For a system that won't work, won't be ridden, will take money from Metrorail, and will actually worsen congestion on roads, the time for tough questions is now.

Before the deluge of misinformation this afternoon, arm yourself with the facts.  As Thomas Jefferson once said, when the People have all the information, they'll make the right decision.

Instead of just accepting the BRT folly, review these articles that - for the first time - critique the BRT proposal:

The biggest question is, if all they are telling us about BRT is true, why won't they let the public weigh in on it?  And if they are so confident in their plan, why are they scared to debate it in the public arena?

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