Saturday, June 09, 2012


With I'll Have Another out of the race, no horse can win the Triple Crown at today's Belmont Stakes.

But someone can still win the Triple Crown right here in downtown Bethesda - you!

Head to Mussel Bar today for their Belmont Stakes Triple Crown cocktails.

Each one commemorates a race on the road to the elusive Triple Crown.

But at $18 for all three, or $9 apiece, these drinks won't elude you for long at Mussel Bar.

Start off out of the gate like a winner, with their Kentucky Derby Mint Julep:

Then head to Charm City with a full head of steam for a Preakness Black Eyed Susan:

Finish like a Champion with the Belmont Stakes White Carnation:

Mussel Bar's White Carnation is made with vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, soda water and a splash of cream.

If you're wondering where to go for the Belmont Stakes today in Bethesda, or the DC area in general, head to Mussel Bar to claim your own Triple Crown!

Mussel Bar, 7262 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda.  (301) 215-7817.

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