Friday, June 08, 2012


The latest talking point from the less than 20 people ramming a Bus Rapid Transit boondoggle through the Montgomery County "process," is that "everyone" will benefit.

Not just the 10% of residents who might actually ride BRT.

But the 85% who will be stuck in traffic, in longer commutes, after BRT takes existing traffic lanes away from cars along the county's busiest highways.

They will "benefit."

Bethesda residents - who won't even be able to commute via BRT, since the line dead ends in Bethesda - who pay $1000+ a year in new BRT taxes if it passes?  Yep, they'll "benefit," too.

After all, as task force chair Mark Winston said, "it's not an express's not Metro, it's not light rail, it's not a bus...It is a new animal."

He forgot to add that it cures the common cold, and makes a darn good cup of coffee, to boot.

No word if Kevin Trudeau will be named BRT spokesman for the county.

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