Monday, June 18, 2012


Theft reports continue to come in from neighborhoods west of downtown Bethesda, despite the widely-reported arrests of 4 alleged thieves.

Although the accused were arrested "very early" the morning of June 14, thus suggesting they wouldn't have pulled off any thefts yet on that date, such a theft was reported on Baltan Road for Thursday.

Then, on Friday, two more hits, including a third return to theft-weary Gloster Road in Wood Acres in a week's time.

Are there more thieves about, or are these cases of victims belatedly realizing something is missing from their cars?  We'll know for sure in the coming days.

Thursday, June 14:

Theft from vehicle. 5000 block of Baltan Road.

Friday, June 15:

Theft from vehicle. 5900 block of Gloster Road.

Theft from vehicle. 5100 block of Scarsdale Road.

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