Thursday, June 28, 2012


More exciting streetcar news from Washington, DC:   Mayor Vincent Gray and DDOT are actively pursuing a future streetcar line that replicates a famous one, Union Station to Georgetown.

One question is whether or not the route will travel along M Street.

The important point for those of us out here in Bethesda, is for the streetcar to climb the hill up to Prospect Street from M Street.

That will connect the streetcar to a possible future extension to Glen Echo.  After turning left on Prospect towards Georgetown University, the streetcar would gain access to the original - and still existing - right of way that goes all the way to Cabin John.

A streetcar traveling between Georgetown and Glen Echo would be the fastest trolley line in the region, if not the nation.  That's because the entire right of way, with the exception of a few blocks in a residential Palisades neighborhood, is off-road.  Separated from auto traffic, the streetcar will be faster than a car, a clear advantage for commuters that will ensure boosted ridership.

The Georgetown to Glen Echo streetcar is an idea whose time has come... again!

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