Monday, May 05, 2014


Duball, LLC's future 9-story ultra-luxury condominium project is taking some serious steps forward, in advance of its expected 4th quarter-2014 groundbreaking. The developer has submitted a request for a permit from Montgomery County, to demolish the existing building at 4811 Battery Lane.

There are also new, more-detailed renderings of the building, which is one of the better designs on the boards right now for downtown Bethesda. In these images, Woodmont View retains the distinctive architectural features from earlier renderings. But the facade is lighter, reducing the Dickensian/private-school-for-rich-kids aura of the previous darker versions. You can also see what is increasingly a missing feature on new-generation buildings - a front driveway that will allow Jeeves to deposit you right at the door. Which also helps prevent traffic backups in front of the building.

The building will house only 46 2-bedroom units, and is expected to be delivered in 2016. StonebridgeCarras' 8300 Wisconsin project is currently under construction by Donohoe across Woodmont Avenue; it is depicted in some of these renderings. The latter project includes a Harris Teeter grocery store, which will be convenient for residents of Woodmont View, as well. Woodmont View will contain its own retail tenants, about 3000 square feet on street level, including a restaurant.
Bring the car around, Jeeves!

Preview of a kitchen inside
a Woodmont View unit

View down Woodmont
towards NIH; note
the distinctive roofline
design elements

How the corner of Battery and
Woodmont will look from the
driveway of the Monocle Building
on Battery Lane; that's
8300 Wisconsin on
the right
All images courtesy of Duball, LLC.
All rights reserved.

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