Friday, February 01, 2013


Who's your daddy? The cupboards are bare at upscale Italian shirt specialist Daddy & Son on Bethesda Avenue.  Without public announcement, the shop closed, and cleaned out the store.

I've mentioned the lack of apparel stores for men at Bethesda Row a few times over the last 5 months. Now, with this closure, there are officially zero men's shops around the Row.

If I was Federal Realty, I'd be trying to get a Hugh and Crye or Lost Boys outpost on this side of the DC line pronto. Of course, there are many other local or national names, as well.  But with no men's stores, they really need a compelling name in men's fashion to provide quality, in the absence of quantity.

By the way, this photo showing the interior seems to insist on publishing sideways - if that's how it appears, I apologize.

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