Saturday, February 16, 2013


Blockbuster news from the soon-to-open Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club: one of the first artists to perform at the historic venue will be rising country star Maggie Rose.

A Potomac native who attended Our Lady of Mercy and Georgetown Visitation, Rose is now considered an "It" Girl in Nashville. Among the industry bigshots guiding her career is Tommy Mottola.

Her debut album, Cut to Impress, will be available March 26. But you'll have a chance to hear the material before everyone else at these two Bethesda shows.

Stay tuned for ticket information - I will post it when it is announced. The club is scheduled to open March 1, but show information will be released any time now.

This is going to be a fantastic start for the club.  If you are a longtime Bethesda resident, you know that downtown Bethesda has lacked a music venue that would draw a national recording artist (at least in my lifetime).  It's also very appropriate given that Washington DC was actually a country music town, back in the days of Jimmy Dean and Patsy Cline.

Though we've previously expected just blues and jazz from this club (and Rose's vocal style draws quite a bit from the former), maybe this won't be the last country show in downtown Bethesda.


David W said...

you missed Twist and Shout? Many national acts in its day including the star who wrote and sang a hit song about the place

Robert Dyer said...

You're right about that. I'm referring to more mainstream Top 40/country acts, though. I mean, I don't remember Randy Travis or Nirvana playing at a Bethesda club when their initial singles were on the radio, and they were contemporary to some of the old Bethesda clubs you refer to. It may depend on the genre, but if there were artists of the moment playing in Bethesda in the late 80s and 90s, why was I always having to go into DC, VA or PG County to hear my favorite bands?