Monday, February 18, 2013


Young Adult fiction author Marissa Meyer will appear at the Bethesda Library tomorrow, Tuesday, February 19, at 5:00 PM, to discuss her new novel, Scarlet. 

Scarlet is the second installment in Meyers' Lunar Chronicles series (read Chapter 1 here), a blend of sci-fi and fairy tales primarily geared toward female readers.

Book 1 centered on the eponymous character of Cinder, a young female cyborg, who is now in prison at the start of Book 2.  Bummer!

New title character Scarlet Benoit is now the focus. She's searching for her kidnapped/murdered grandmother because the police won't.  Enter the subtly-named street-fighting man named Wolf.  Can he help find Grandma? Will Cinder bust out of the Big House? Can the handsome prince most of the women in the book are chasing after be found, before the evil queen forces him into a loveless marriage?

You'll have to read the book to find out!

This author series at the Bethesda Library is sponsored by Politics and Prose bookstore, who will handle book sales at Tuesday's event.

Bethesda Library, 7400 Arlington Road, Bethesda.

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