Thursday, July 10, 2014


Las Vegas-based Lobster ME is expanding to Bethesda this fall. The purveyor of the "World's Best Lobster Rolls" will be the latest addition to the new dining choices at Westfield Montgomery Mall.

Mark Setterington, VP of Operations at Lev Restaurant Group, confirms Lobster ME will be located at the mall's new dining terrace, which is currently under construction (above photo). Lobster ME is scheduled to open by November 1, he said.

Lobster ME offers the Maine and Connecticut-style lobster rolls familiar to residents who patronize Luke's Lobster, Freddy's or the Red Hook Lobster Truck, to name a few. They also offer a Cajun roll, which features chilled lobster meat in a spicy Cajun sauce. And the El Diablo roll, which has warm lobster in a spicy marinara-style sauce. Each roll is made-to-order, and features the meat of an entire lobster. But there is an XL size, if that's not enough.

The Lobsicle is a grilled or batter-fried lobster tail on a stick. Other lobster entrees include Lobster Mac and Cheese, Lobster and Chips, and Lobster Tacos. Landlubbers can enjoy a Hebrew National hot dog. Lobster ME's fries are beer battered, and seasoned with your choice of their custom spice blend, or Cajun spice. The Vegas locations have a nice list of cocktails, including Wicked Lemonade, a Lobster Mary, and a Blueberry Margarita. But you never know for sure what (if anything) will end up on the adult beverages list in Montgomery County, given the tight government control of alcohol here. In Vegas, they also have a breakfast menu, featuring Lobster and Waffles, and a Lobster ME English Muffin.

The menu sounds great, and I'm also waiting to try the Chowder Fries, which are sort of the New England equivalent of poutine, from the description. Sure, lobster rolls are plentiful in DC and downtown Bethesda. But this will provide a new lobster roll spot for mall patrons, and office workers in the nearby office parks at Rockledge (until the developers replace them all with luxury condos and townhouses - so much for "live where you work"). And some new, unique menu items not available elsewhere.

All-in-all, the new dilemma at the revamped Westfield Montgomery Mall is going to be where to dine before the movies at the ArcLight Cinemas, also opening this fall. It's a good problem to have.

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