Thursday, March 07, 2019

Fuse Taco update

Here's an update on Fuse Taco, the new restaurant taking over the Bold Bite space at the corner of Norfolk and Cordell Avenues. They are now hiring employees. You can see some of the work going on inside in the photo below. The website listed is not active yet as of press time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a printing press?

Where do I sign up for a printed copy of Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row?

You would think a journalist would be more careful about what they write.

I believe the correct term is to “post” and article.

Robert Dyer said...

7:30: Oh, yeah, it's a real minefield. Give me a break.

"as of post time" and "as of article time" would be total bonehead phrases. That's why I'm the editor, and you're in a dark room taking shots from the peanut gallery.

Anonymous said...

That's not a "website". It's an email address.

Also, sunrise was at 6:32 AM (3:32 AM Dyer Standard Time), so it seems unlikely that the comment at 7:30 AM (Dyer Standard Time) was typed "in a dark room".

Anonymous said...

Here, I will help you out, “The website was not active when this article was posted’’ See how easy and factual that was.

You don’t have a printing press, you can’t “go to press”, and their is no “press time”, so you should not lie and pretend you are a print journalist. You really don’t understand the first thing about journalistic ethics.

I would think you should be the last person to claim someone is in a dark room, since you can’t seem to visit or photograph a site during any daylight hours. Unless you are in your imaginary darkroom, developing imaginary photographs so they can Included in your imaginary magazine and of course you would need to get this all done before your imaginary press time.

Anonymous said...

Good catch, 9:06.

Who knew that Dyer was actually a member of the Local Legacy Print Media that he claims to despise?

"Press Time" implies a delay several hours between when a news article is submitted and when it becomes available to readers, to allow for printing, delivery, as well as for newsstands to open.

Anonymous said...

10:47 AM That Journalism Degree is finally useful for you. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Fish > Fuse

Robert Dyer said...

8:16: The email is @ the website address, dumbass.

10:47: Giving your other personality a "good catch" minutes after you posted the comment yourself. Can Dennis have the light now, "Wrol Evans?"

"Jail time" implies you will be incarcerated in a federal prison for two years for each count of stalking, harassment and threats you are convicted of. You better get some advice from jailbird Hans Riemer on how to handle prison life.

Anonymous said...

By your definition, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and Segun Adebayo, and the five white cemetery protesters would be "jailbirds", too.

Anna said...

Blogger Anna said...

Hey, you're giving 10:47 the threats you usually give me! AND accusing them with the same names you accuse me of using! I miss a day and what happens?

And I thought you saved all that "love" for me.

4:55 AM