Friday, March 01, 2019

Future storefronts unveiled at Pike & Rose (Photos)

Construction walls have come down at three future additions to Grand Park Avenue at Pike & Rose. Unveiled on the Federal Realty development's main street are the facade designs of BurgerFi, Sweetgreen and Sunday Morning Bakehouse.

Burger Fi has an angled Dodge Neon Green arch across the top of their facade. It looks like some equipment, including a beverage refrigerator, are already in place inside.

Sweetgreen also looks far along inside, and their main and pedestrian-facing blade signs are already lit. The other two businesses are still awaiting installation of their signs.

Sunday Morning Bakehouse is still in the drywall stage inside. They are now hiring employees, and plan to open this summer. If you can't wait until then, chef-owner Caroline Yi has recently started a delivery service with a 30 mile radius. She also is vendor at the Pike Central farm market at Pike & Rose, which will resume this spring.


Anonymous said...

Watching 8:03AM's descent into madness is frightening.

Anonymous said...

2 minutes that time.

Anonymous said...

The minutes counter guy is back!

Anonymous said...

"Yuuuge" guy is back too.

Anonymous said...

GGW's lead article today is about extending the Purple Line to Westbard and Tyson's Corner.

Now Robbie will never have an excuse for being unemployed.

Tom Andrews said...

10:18 AM With some good economic development in MoCo, maybe we can dispense with these notions and create jobs for our people here.

We'll need new leadership to do that.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe we can dispense with these notions"

What "notions"?

Tom Andrews said...

12:09 PM Wouldn't it be nice to have economic development and systems connecting residents to places such as MoCo's new "downtown" - White Flint? Still just a hole in the ground for several years now.

Anonymous said...

"Tom Andrews" - you have made the unwarranted assumption that the suggestion to extend the Purple Line to Tysons Corner is about making it easier for Montgomery County residents to commute to jobs in the Tysons area, and only about that, because you believe contrary all evidence that our County is "moribund". It's not. It's about improving overall connectivity for the entire region. Including better access to Dulles Airport.

"White Flint? Still just a hole in the ground for several years now."

It's disappointing that the site of White Flint Mall is still a vacant lot (not actually a "hole in the ground"). But the White Flint area in general hardly fits that description - the success of Pike & Rose being a case in point.