Sunday, May 26, 2019

Tower cranes to be installed at Marriott construction site next month

The development partners of the relocating Marriott International headquarters have announced the schedule of installation for two tower cranes needed at the site, at 7750 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. Crane #1 will be installed on June 8, 2019, a Saturday. Crane #2 will follow on June 22, weather permitting.


Anonymous said...

Odd that they can install tower cranes, when no tower crane foundations, with massive reinforcing steel, have been installed or poured yet.

Anna said...

All tower cranes consist of the same basic parts:

The base is bolted to a large concrete pad that supports the crane.
The base connects to the mast (or tower), which gives the tower crane its height.
Attached to the top of the mast is the slewing unit -- the gear and motor -- that allows the crane to rotate:

On top of the slewing unit are three parts:

The long horizontal jib (or working arm), which is the portion of the crane that carries the load. A trolley runs along the jib to move the load in and out from the crane's center.

The shorter horizontal machinery arm, which contains the crane's motors and electronics as well as the large concrete counter weights.

The operator's cab.

Anonymous said...

Man The Whitney looks glorious