Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Up Top Acres to open rooftop farm at Pike & Rose

Up Top Acres, the urban farming company that brought a rooftop farm to Bethesda Row, will bring an even larger one to Federal Realty's Pike & Rose development this April. The 17000 SF farm will grow greens, root vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, peppers and more. 

Produce grown at the Farm at Pike & Rose will be distributed through a Farm Membership Program, where Up Top customers will sign up to become members, and receive a weekly share of produce. Additional produce will be sold to nearby restaurants.


Anonymous said...

I see you disabled comments on the fitness article? Why is that? Is it sponsored?

Anonymous said...

Good question - I’m headed over to the consult will ask them if it’s sponsored content. Lord, I hope it isn’t...actually wanted to consider joining.

Anonymous said...

How is this a concept? So they by really expensive real estate to grow vegetables? Why not do the same thing upcounty or in Frederick, for half the land price?

Anna said...

3:23PM, I think it's more about beneficial use of existing roof space. A few European cities are big into them and require new buildings have green rooftops, whether greenery or food producing. Heat, storm water management, air quality are supposed benefits.
I agree. They should do the same upcounty.