Sunday, October 31, 2010


Special Announcement!

If I win an At-Large seat on the Montgomery County Council this Tuesday, there will be a Robert Dyer Victory Party sometime after Election Day. To recognize my most die-hard supporters, the party will be held in (or in the vicinity of) the precinct in the county that has the highest number/percentage of votes for Robert Dyer! (I add percentage, because it is more fair to those who live in precincts with a smaller number of voters).

So don't forget to vote on Tuesday - and bring your neighbors to the polls to vote for Robert Dyer, too!

Which neighborhood in Montgomery County wants change the most? Which neighborhood will have bragging rights to the highest turnout for the candidate who will transform our government into one that serves the people, not the other way around?

We'll find out Tuesday night!

There's still time to round up those voters who have told you they're going to sleep through the election. There is too much at stake for people to stay home - traffic gridlock, keeping my Democratic opponents from taking our schools backwards with less money and larger class sizes, bringing JOBS to Montgomery County, and fixing our fiscal crisis before the county goes into bankruptcy.

Show Montgomery County where the real power is - turn out the highest vote for Robert Dyer and replace the county political machine on the "kingmaker" throne, delivering a mandate for balanced budgets, traffic relief and high-wage aerospace jobs:


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