Sunday, October 31, 2010


My opponents have proclaimed that Montgomery County faces a gloomy, dystopian future of poor services, high taxes and a dysfunctional, outdated transportation network.

They are correct - if Marc Elrich, Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal and Hans Riemer are elected this Tuesday!

But if we elect me - Robert Dyer - for County Council At-Large, I have a more optimistic prediction.

Montgomery County is potentially the most powerful jurisdiction in the United States, if not the world. We have the most educated and skilled people in the nation residing within our borders. We have outstanding small businesses that will grow tremendously if we simply elect the right people, reduce taxes and spending, and attract the large aerospace employers my jobs plan seeks, that will lift all economic boats.

So why are we in stasis and a state of paralysis? Because of our failed elected officials!

What if they are reelected? I predict things will not only go the way they have warned us, but even worse.

The recession is not over. On recent weekend evenings, I have ventured to the Kentlands and the Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg. I found both commercial centers to be nearly dead on a Friday evening! Where have all the people gone?

The signs are all around us. Bobby's Crabcakes just closed its doors in the struggling Rockville Town Center. Unemployment is up, and will continue to rise if my opponents are elected. A second recession is coming. Nobody wants to admit it, but all the indicators are there. People are spending less, especially in less-wealthy areas of the county.

County businesses are hurting, and so are many of our residents. My opponents believe everyone here is rich, and can afford to pay a 300% Energy Tax increase, an 8% property tax increase, and even a new Development District Tax!

Without new leadership on the council, and a Fiscal Plan such as the one I've proposed, our county will be hit hard by the second recession. Only responsible fiscal policies can put us in a position to prosper during tough times, and continue to provide essential services. The incumbents have proven that they cannot make those responsible decisions. If they were capable of doing so, they would have done it already! Do you really believe they were just holding back until their next term? Give me a break!

It's time for you to deliver a Wake Up message to the Ritz Carlton County Council this Tuesday!

Don't vote for Elrich, Floreen, Leventhal and Riemer...


My detailed Fiscal Plan (read about it, or watch the video at will balance our budget so we can reduce taxes, and have more money for services, economic development and the most vulnerable.

As the only candidate who supports FULL FUNDING for MCPS, you can trust that I will not let our schools go backwards by cutting education funding. Elrich, Floreen, Leventhal and Riemer are all on-the-record supporting bigger cuts to MCPS with each coming fiscal year, larger class sizes, more portable trailers, and removing all of the 9 remaining county police officers who protect our schools - putting your child's safety at risk!

I would never take such an irresponsible action, and that's what this decision boils down to for you on Tuesday: Who do you trust?

Who do you trust to manage the public's money and the county's finances?

The ones who ran the finances into the ground and have no clue what they're going to do about the deficit if reelected? (Elrich, Floreen, Leventhal, Riemer)

Or the man who has a detailed Fiscal Plan, and is ready to tackle the deficit on Day One?

(Robert Dyer)

Elect Robert Dyer, and we will not only weather the coming financial storm, but exceed all previous economic accomplishments, by putting the full resources of our county to work.

That requires leadership, and I am prepared to take on this responsibility on your behalf should you choose to elect me this Tuesday.

So please visit my website and examine my detailed plans, and then consider that my opponents have not given you similar details about what they would do if elected. Doesn't their lack of specifics worry you, when combined with their record of failure?

In unsure times, cast a sure vote for a safer, more prosperous Montgomery County: Robert Dyer for the Montgomery County Council At-Large!

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