Friday, October 01, 2010


The Montgomery County Council has once again put the safety of the public at risk for political gain.

Cuts to the police budget ended up in the pockets of developers, non-public safety county employees and other special interests.

Now officers are forced to tell the public about the disturbing results. Not only have I heard directly from officers regarding the effect of the council and executive's reductions, but also in news articles, such as one on the recent crime wave in Montgomery Village, reported by the Gazette.

Officer Diane Tillery, with the community services division of the Montgomery County Police, led a neighborhood watch training Monday night for South Village, Sharon Woods, East Village and East Gate, communities where residents said they are feeling increasingly unsafe.

"We are no longer a patrolling police department. We are a responding police department," she said. "We respond to calls for service. We've lost the luxury of being able to simply drive around. We don't have the manpower."

Is this a situation you feel comfortable with as a county resident? One where officers recognize a shortage of man/womanpower and resources, but elected officials are apparently out of touch with reality? Including an increasing gang population which, if this council is reelected, could one day present a threat such as residents of Baltimore now deal with on a daily basis.

Is this what you want? To be less safe in Montgomery County, just to have a (D) after every councilmember's name? I don't believe the voters are that partisan, to put politics before safety, as the council has.

It's time to make a change on November 2nd, and elect a council that will put safety first.

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