Friday, October 22, 2010


Just in time for Early Voting, I have two new videos for you this morning.

One is on the massive amount of outside-the-county funds that Marc Elrich, George Leventhal and Hans Riemer have accepted, and are using to "buy" council seats.

Elrich and Leventhal have $16,000 from unions outside of Montgomery County. This was reported once by the Post, but the media has ignored it since. Not only is there the issue of outsiders meddling in our elections, but Phil Andrews has raised the question of whether or not this was an attempt to evade the $6,000 limit on contributions.

And then, you have Hans Riemer's massive donations from K Street lobbyists, from whom he has received checks as large as $4,000 each (!). Think about it: why would someone who doesn't live in Montgomery County be concerned enough that Hans Riemer be elected to the council that they would write a check for four thousand dollars?!

Obviously, they want Mr. Riemer to do something for them once he is elected. What would that be? Riemer, Elrich and Leventhal did not answer the questions I raised in this opening statement:

Then, I spoke about how we can help small businesses in Montgomery County:

If you are voting early, you can watch these - and many other - videos on my website, and also read about my positions on the major issues there.

When using the electronic voting machines at your polling place, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE SUMMARY SCREEN before you finish voting, to make sure the candidates you voted for are all listed on the summary page!

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