Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Leggett, County Council Offer Fright Fest to
Spook County Voters into Approving Ambulance Fees

Beholden to developers and public employee unions, and unable to fundamentally restructure government in the manner my Fiscal Plan (read the plan at would, County Executive Ike Leggett and the County Council are now threatening to continue their scorched earth budget cuts that again put public safety and seniors at risk. All for political gain.

Marc Elrich, Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal and Hans Reimer all support the dangerous Ambulance Fee. Elrich and Leventhal received $16,000 from unions outside of Montgomery County. And all four have received tens-of-thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash from the employee unions. Add that to their six-figure campaign accounts, courtesy of the developers, and you quickly understand why this outrageous pattern continues.

Because they dare not offend the developers, unions and other special interests that get them elected, Elrich, Floreen and Leventhal have left 80% of county expenditures off the table when cutting the budget. As a result, they could only cut 4% out of the
$4,000,000,000 FY-11 budget(!!) And since they avoid the fat and cut essential services instead, county residents are less safe, and the vulnerable more vulnerable, than they were 6 months ago.

Here we go again.

Now Leggett and his council allies are proposing new cuts, if you dare to vote against Ambulance Fees.

Despite spending $17.2 M on a gas station and dive bar, $172M+ on the Webb Tract, $5M on an infantile pedestrian safety campaign, $2M on a log cabin, etc., etc., they now claim they are in need of $12M!

That's some new math for you.

As you read in my previous post, they've already put our lives at risk with their cuts to the police budget.

Now they're going after fire and rescue resources, putting more lives in danger. Will you vote on November 2nd for councilmembers who are willing to put your life at risk, for their own political gain?

Here is what the Washington Post reports will be cut, if you choose to elect Elrich, Floreen, Leventhal and Riemer:

"roadwork, sports academies for at-risk teens, services for elderly residents, library hours and drug treatment"

"15 ambulances (110 firefighter positions); two rescue squads (eight firefighter positions); six engines (84 firefighters); and five ladder trucks (52 firefighters)"

They are also going to further their ongoing attack on our volunteer firefighters by cutting $1M from their budgets. Hard to believe that newspapers, organizations and chambers endorse candidates who live on Fantasy Island, and believe that one day the county will be able to afford 100% career firefighter staffing of fire stations countywide. Not to mention their complete ignorance and disrespect for the central roles many volunteer departments play in their communities. Try getting through the week without our volunteer firefighters on duty - it's not possible. Think about that before you vote for these Democrats.

This continues the pattern of outrageous political tactics by Leggett and Elrich, Floreen and Leventhal. For shame, for shame.

On November 2, you have the power to put Safety First once again in Montgomery County.

Halloween may be arriving early for Elrich, Floreen, Leventhal and Riemer, but if you make the critical mistake of voting for them on November 2, they will only have tricks for you and your family.

But when you come out to vote, you will make throwing these people out of office a real treat for the citizens of Montgomery County.

Cast a sure vote for public safety, volunteer firefighters and to stop the Ambulance Fee - permanently! - by voting for Robert Dyer!

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