Friday, April 12, 2013


I promised to keep you updated on the River Road TV tower lighting problem in Bethesda. 

Yesterday, the tower's owner, Crown Castle, had technicians adjust the lighting. I checked it out after the sun went down, and the lighting is vastly improved. Red tower lights still would be preferable in a highly-populated area, and that is what virtually every other area tower has. But as far as white lights go, the intensity of that bottom bulb has been reduced from a firework-style burst, to a flashing bulb again.

The biggest issue was for those living on upper floors in nearby apartment buildings. But the light could also be seen reflecting off objects blocks away.

As I mentioned over a month ago, this happened before, and was fixed within 2 days.

This time, it kept going on. While I heard complaints about it, I don't know if anyone actually called.

Two weeks ago, I finally placed a call to Crown Castle myself. An operator at the company's 24-hour hotline, Jeff, took my complaint. I have to say, the "customer service" is very good at Crown Castle, and he immediately said they would send out a crew to investigate the light pollution issue.

I expected it would take some time, as it was not an emergency situation, and somebody actually has to climb up there unless it is simply a control panel adjustment.

In any case, they came out yesterday, and set the lighting back to normal. So I have to commend Crown Castle for taking the concerns of the community seriously, once it was brought to their attention.

Here is a photo of the lights last night. Below the tower, you can see the signs for the Westbard Giant and Bowlmor bowling alley.  The tower itself is located on River Road, behind the McDonald's.

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