Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Yet another stalled project from the pre-recession real estate bubble is coming back to life in Bethesda.

The luxury High Acres townhouse development on Brookes Lane, adjacent to the expanding intelligence campus on Sangamore Road, will be an exclusive community of 12 4-story townhomes. Currently, the lot is partially occupied by a relatively-modest white mansion. That home will remain, and share a private cul-de-sac off of Brookes with the new residents.

Also fronting on MacArthur Boulevard, I imagine the top floor windows could have a nice view of the Potomac River, but obviously, I can't confirm that at the moment!

With a very safe neighborhood and cul-de-sac (especially for kids playing outdoors), these homes would be ideal for wealthy professionals, particularly if they work at the campus next door. They will also be within walking distance of Ride On bus service to the Friendship Heights Metro station, and the Shops at Sumner Place.

The developer is requesting 2 significant changes in the 2007 site plan. One will delete the intriguing underground garage concept in favor of individual above-ground garages.

Originally, the homes were to share a sizable garage structure beneath all 12 homes. Atop part of this structure, was to be a clubhouse with fitness center and swimming pool.

But nixing the garage meant nixing the clubhouse, too. Which eliminates some very appealing amenities, and Thurston Howell III probably wouldn't be pleased.  The project also eliminates a significant amount of green space on a property with significant rainwater run-off.

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