Wednesday, April 10, 2013


That 70s Building, a.k.a. The Gallery at Bethesda, continues to climb skyward between Del Ray and Auburn Avenues in downtown Bethesda.

Donohoe is on target to be the first developer to deliver a luxury residential building in the post-recession Bethesda building boom.


Anonymous said...

What are the details of this building? Any condos in the works that won't be $600k+ for a 1 bedroom?

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing condo asking prices have rebounded from the collapse. Are bidding wars back?

Standard 1 bedroom rental in a new building with ammenities in downtown Bethesda is easily over $2000 a month.

Robert Dyer said...

I don't believe rental rates have been made public yet. It's almost sure to be $2100+ a month for a 1 bedroom. County politicians love to talk about "smart growth" creating affordable housing, but the results show that's complete bunk. The county's record on affordable housing is a complete disaster.