Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Major renovations of Westfield Montgomery Mall's food court, the addition of a luxury cineplex, and other random happenings have caused a massive game of musical chairs at the popular Bethesda retail palace. Over the weekend, I told you about the garage closure. But there is much more happening inside the mall.

I hope to help you make sense of it all through the following words and pictures.

EXPRESS - Temporarily relocated to the lower level, where Toys R Us Express was, near Sears.

TRADE SECRET SALON - Gone. Kaput. Kablooey. Closed. Fin. Forever.

FINISH LINE - Temporarily closed.

DUMPLING DOJO - Still open! Sliding over to new space in food court.

MIRCH MASALA GRILL - Still open, will also move within the food court.

RUBY THAI KITCHEN - Ditto. Moving to new spot in food court.

Ultimately, an even better mall is on the way after all of the work is done.

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