Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Do you love to attend Washington Nationals games, but hate being a sardine at the mercy of inept WMATA on Metro? Or - even worse - having to wait for yet another shuttle transfer, when Metro shuts down stations between Bethesda and Nationals Stadium on weekends?

I have good news for you: DC Hopper, the same company that has made getting to DC nightclubs from Bethesda easier, is now launching a Bethesda Nationals shuttle to weekend Nationals home games.

The DC Hopper bus will leave 2 hours before the scheduled first pitch from in front of Caddies on Cordell, at 4922 Cordell Avenue in downtown Bethesda.

You can either reserve seats in advance on the DC Hopper website (definitely the smartest way to go) or show up early in front of Caddies.
You can - literally - "pre-game" at Caddies, but only non-alcoholic beverages are allowed on the Hopper buses. No food is allowed on the bus. Who needs food, when there is so much great food available at the stadium.

After a pressure-free ride into SW DC, you will be dropped off outside the First Base Gate at 1st and Potomac Avenue.  This is the same spot where you'll be picked up 30 minutes after the game. And even if the night game goes for 30 innings, the DC Hopper will still be waiting for you 30 minutes after the game.

Once again, resourceful entrepreneurs are filling the vacuum of public transit with private transportation. New York City doesn't shut down its subway on weekends. Somehow, here it is not only acceptable to shut down a line during major weekend events, but they give the boss a raise for doing so! With trains still on manual, stranded passengers walking through tunnels, and yet another near miss incident, there are no tangible results from the weekend track work that is not only scaring away riders, but cutting revenue. You can't make money if you don't run trains!

Fortunately, with baseball season here, DC Hopper is offering us a convenient - if pricier - alternative, at $24 round trip.

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