Friday, May 31, 2013


When are the Kenwood Club fireworks this year?

I've just received word that the DC area's best fireworks will be on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 this year. The display will begin between 9:30-9:45 PM.

The Kenwood Golf & Country Club, on River Road, is a private club, and the festivities are not open to the public.

So why do non-members want to know when the fireworks are?

Because residents of nearby neighborhoods, and apartments that face the club, have made something of a tradition out of the fireworks.

It's possible to throw a big party, with hot dogs, etc., and then enjoy the club's fireworks from your balcony or backyard, as if it was your own private show. And all of your guests will think you're the Great Gatsby.

What if you're not part of the landed class near the club?

People often park at one of the nearby churches or commercial parking lots on River Road. The sure spot is at the church directly across from the club entrance. Be forewarned, the display will be loud, as you might expect.

Downtown Bethesda? Some people have been able to enjoy the fireworks from higher floors of buildings facing that direction.

I do not recommend inviting people to a party unless you know you'll actually be able to see the fireworks from the location in question. You want to be the Great Gatsby, not the Great Pumpkin.

The trajectory of fireworks can change slightly from year to year. From downtown Bethesda, in general, if you are standing at the corner of Arlington Road and Bethesda Avenue, with your back to Urban Country,  the fireworks should be in the general direction of EuroMotorcars and the Bradley Shopping Center. That's the general direction, but it pays to be on a higher floor rather than street level. Caveat emptor.

Kenwood's fireworks became a huge deal last year, when they fell on the actual July 4 holiday, and the county canceled all public fireworks displays after the derecho storm.

But the Kenwood fireworks beat any I've seen in the DC area, any year.

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Are the fireworks on for tonight?