Monday, February 20, 2017

First residents to move into Toll Brothers' new Hampden Row condos later this week (Photos)

First look inside
Bethesda's newest
condo building

The first residents in Toll Brothers City Living's new Hampden Row ultra-luxury condos will move in after the first settlements this Thursday, Sales Manager Jaclyn Smith said. Common areas and amenities inside the building should be complete by then, but the building's rooftop deck with grills and firepits is on-target for a Spring opening.

Inside the mid-rise building at the corner of Hampden Lane and Arlington Road, marble floors are even found inside the elevators. Hallways outside the 55 units resemble those of a high-end hotel, with modern art deco accents in the lighting fixtures and room number font.

In addition to the Grand Opening scheduled for this weekend, there have been a couple of other red letter days on the calendar at Hampden Row recently. The building just received a PERS project approval from Fannie Mae, which can make it easier for buyers to obtain financing from banks large or small. Not every condo building has this approval, Smith said, which requires an extensive review of a project's documents and budget from a risk management perspective.

And ten days ago, Toll Brothers was named the #1 Home Builder on Fortune's list of the World's Most-Admired Companies for 2017.

Smith said the company is especially proud of the concierge service the building will offer. The building management firm, Legum & Norman, has contracted with Capitol Concierge, a woman-owned company that is the largest provider of concierge services for office buidings, upscale apartments and condos, shopping malls and individual homeowners in America.

Residents will be able to use the 24-hour concierge in the lobby to retrieve groceries and dry cleaning, arrange flowers or wine tastings, and even plan parties. Just give the concierge your party budget, and they will handle everything from catering to valet parking out front. "They can pretty much do it all," Smith said. Capitol outsources each service to third-party vendors, and extends partnership discounts from many vendors to homeowners.

Smith said sales have been fairly even between the 1 and 2-bedroom unit types so far. Move-ins will be on the lower floors first, but the coveted top floor was the first to sell out. Here's an exclusive first look at the views you'll be able to get from the Hampden Row rooftop deck:
Enjoy sunsets over Bethesda

A view of Bethesda Row

Hampden Lane below

A look up Hampden Lane
toward Wisconsin Avenue

The Newlands Building (center)

Wave over to Hampden Row's
closest competitor, The Lauren

The Bethesda Row Giant is
extremely convenient, or have
the concierge arrange to have
your groceries brought to you using
the 24-hour concierge sevice
Caroline Freeman Park and the
Bethesda Library are
directly across Arlington Road; both are
due for renovations soon


Anonymous said...

Dyer, if you were some Pulitzer Prize-worthy literary genius/reporter, wouldn't you have a legitimate website vice some crappy blog?

Anonymous said...

Definitely a beautiful sunset but looks mainly like power poles & lines, cars, trucks, and rooftop a/c units. I'm sure the sales agent isn't mentioning what a disaster it is to enter/exit/cross Arlington road here during rush hour either..A nice place yes, close to schools, dining, and library yes, a place I would want to live no, worth the price no, will hold its value probably but risky..

Anonymous said...

NINE pictures of the same sunset? WTF? Do you ever edit yourself?


Anonymous said...

The views look great. Actually much better than I expected given that it's not a high rise.

You can't beat this location. It's essentially on Bethesda Row and steps to Metro.

Anonymous said...

How many MPDUs? Shleps need a luxury place too.

Anonymous said...

7:48 - Actually there are two more farther down the page. 11 in all. LOL

Anonymous said...

Isn't is Freeland not Freeman Park?

I agree it's tough to enter Arlington Road at rush hour from Hampden. The trick is to just go the other way on Hampden, and use another street where there's a light, like the next street over. I go to the UPS Store all the time on Hampden around that time, and that's what I do.

Will be glad to see the parking lot at Shops of Bethesda no longer clogged by construction worker vehicles, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

"Sales Manager Jaclyn Smith"

From Charlie's Angels?

antigone said...

I have to admit, those are some pretty nice views. For now, anyway.