Saturday, February 11, 2017

NetLogicDC moving across downtown Bethesda to new offices

NetLogicDC, LLC, an IT support and consulting firm, is going to move its offices from one downtown Bethesda building to another. They are currently at 8120 Woodmont Avenue, which is the office building right next to the public parking garage across from 8200 Wisconsin's rear entrance and the DoubleTree Bethesda hotel.

The firm has requested construction permits for 3195 SF worth of office space at 7550 Wisconsin, which was reskinned and renovated as a Class A office building by Akridge and Rockwood Capital, who later sold it to GLL Real Estate Partners in the summer of 2015.


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Anonymous said...

So, why are they moving? Is the company expanding? Are they increasing their floor space?

Anonymous said...

Could this be one of the non-Fortune 500 companies that is actually adding good paying, meaningful jobs?

I mean are these the type of job that we hear so much about losing in Montgomery County?

Bethesda is better with many small, successful companies than a gorilla like Marriott who gets what it wants.

Anonymous said...

Not just expanding, but moving closer to transit. And they pay a lot better than iDx.

Anonymous said...

Many cyber firms eyeing Bethesda but they can't recruit from the big defense contractors just yet for top talent. These smaller companies may make it for now but there is a new wave of technical talent coming to Bethesda in a few years as Lockheed and others open smaller offices.