Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sherwin-Williams property sold in downtown Bethesda (Photos)

Big real estate news in Bethesda's Woodmont Triangle neighborhood: The Sherwin-Williams paint store property at 4809 Auburn Avenue has been sold. The buyer? An LLC affiliated with the Donohoe Companies, Inc.
The building is directly across
Auburn Avenue from another
Donohoe property, the
Gallery Bethesda apartments (R)
What's intriguing about that is Donohoe has already built the Gallery Bethesda apartment tower across Auburn Avenue from the paint store site, and is now beginning construction on its companion tower, The Rugby. Its "Woodmont Central" development could now add a fourth building (a third building was already in their plans for the Sunoco site at Wisconsin Avenue and Battery Lane) directly adjacent to the first two. The only limitations I can think of are the triangular shape of the property, and its dimensions, 6297 SF.
View from Rugby Avenue
According to real estate records, the sale closed on January 25, and "4809 Auburn Avenue, LLC" paid $12,000,000 for the property. If they were to put up a luxury condo building with $1 million+ prices per unit, that could indeed be a very profitable acquisition for them.

In the draft Bethesda Downtown Plan, the site has a 110' height where the actual building is, and then a step-down to 90' on the parking lot area of the property. So if one of our resident real estate experts can do the math, to figure out how many luxury condo-size units they could get on this site: 6297 SF, 90-110' height = ???


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They should really start to bury those wires underground if they are building all these luxury apartments and condos there.

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That building has been out of place for a while. The layout and parking setup is like in suburbia, not for downtown Bethesda.

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Who knew that Connecticut Avenue Estates was such a controversial topic?

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Anonymous said...

4-5 units per floor, if 6,200sf lot is accurate, assume some open space allottment and then about 85% usable sf for units, so at 90ft, that's about 9 stories, with the extra being amenity and mech ph, so 36-45 units?