Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Teavana closes, Specs reopens, Patrizia Luca moves at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda (Photos)

Teavana, as expected, has closed and cleared out of its space at Westfield Montgomery Mall. This is the second time Teavana has opened and closed at the mall. In a similarly-indecisive move, Specs New York has reopened in its same spot, after closing and emptying out its store a month ago. Perhaps it was simply the Mandela effect? One retailer not in its same spot is Patrizia Luca, which abruptly moved from a prime spot by the Apple Store to a new one over near Nordstrom. Rounding out news from the mall, is some Coming Soon signage for lingerie retailer Intimissimi.
An empty Teavana
Changed their mind and
reopened at Specs New York

Patrizia Luca closed here...

...and moved over here
Intimissimi coming soon


Anonymous said...

great now even less to do while my tesla is charging

Anonymous said...

I love how you report half the story to make some point about the mall. Starbucks is shutting down the entire Teavana retail operation--every store is closing. It was supposed to happen last year and then Simon malls filed suit. That suit was settled last week so now, all of them are shutting down. Nada to do with the overall health of MoMall.

I will say this on that subject, however: If MoMall's new owners don't stop renting to fly-by-nights and cheap one-offs, the mall will fail. Anybody who watched Laurel Mall go from packed to empty and demolished can tell you that. As soon as the chain tenants started going and the lowbrow single-store bargain places moved in, it was done.

Anonymous said...

The rich continue to flee Montgomery County in droves.

Robert Dyer said...

7:06: You're claiming the biggest booster of Montgomery Mall is trashing the mall? I'm the biggest, if not the only, outspoken advocate for indoor malls in Montgomery County.

Anonymous said...

Westfield = Carpetbaggers