Thursday, May 05, 2016

Cinco de Mayo in Bethesda 2016

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and there are quite a few places to celebrate in Bethesda.


Longtime readers know that Guapos always goes all-out for the biggest Mexican restaurant holiday of the year, and 2016 is no exception. Their nachos were voted among America's ten best by the Wall Street Journal in 2006. Enjoy those and several chef and bar specials today, as well as giveaways and prizes. They will also have a tiki bar. They don't mention it this year, but in past years they've also had a live mariachi band.

8130 Wisconsin Avenue

Uncle Julio's

Uncle Julio's is the Mexican destination at Bethesda Row. Once again, they have not advertised any specific specials for Cinco de Mayo, but I can tell you they do have a new, must-try Chocolate Pinata dessert. A trip to Uncle Julio's is not complete without ordering their famous Swirl frozen margarita.

4870 Bethesda Avenue

Tia Queta

For those seeking the authentic, it doesn't get more authentic than a restaurant whose owners are actually Mexican. Tía Queta is tucked away on Del Ray Avenue, next to the Gallery Bethesda apartment tower. They've added a new soft taco menu, and will have food and drink specials all day on Cinco de Mayo.

4839 Del Ray Avenue 

California Tortilla

The Mexican fast casual chain got its start in downtown Bethesda. Any purchase today will get you a coupon for a free taco, which you can redeem between May 6 and May 13.

4871 Cordell Avenue


In North Bethesda's Pike District, Paladar will be offering $3 Dos Equis drafts, $4 Margaritas and $5 Palomas all day long.

11333 Woodglen Drive
(301) 816-1100

Gringos & Mariachis

Gringos and Mariachis is earning a regional reputation as the destination for high-end Mexican cuisine and adult beverages. Tacos + high quality tequila and whiskey = a great Cinco de Mayo in Bethesda.

4928 Cordell Avenue

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Helpful hint:

Don't be "that guy" who raises a toast to Mexican Independence Day today - Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates Mexico's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Mexican Independence Day is September 16.


Anonymous said...

Dyer which is your personal preference? I tend to frequent Guapo's more. Julio's is more convenient though. Thanks in advance for your advice!

Anonymous said...

Easily the most racist post you've ever put up Dyer

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Anonymous said...

Mexican on Cinco de Mayo? What a revolutionary idea!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where exactly Mr. Dyer will be celebrating tonight?

Anonymous said...

@7:07 - in his mom's basement

Anonymous said...

Holy smokers Dyer, I thought this was gonna be your review on Grapefruit skinny margs. We all know the tortilla with rice meat beans and cheese will be fine at any of these places.

Anonymous said...

Yes Uncle Remus, I know the catfish are huge...

Anonymous said...

You would like the Chocolate Pinata. Creep.

Anonymous said...

Low-budget sponsored content.

Kind of like those ads that used to run on Channel 20 back in the day.

"14th TV??? Nawww.... BELMONT TV!!!"

"Available at all four Mortons!!!"

Anonymous said...

Def used a filted for Tia Queta pic. Sicko

Anonymous said...

These Cinco De Mayo menus are like serving fried chicken and watermelon for Martin Luther King's Birthday.

Anonymous said...

@716- Dyer's mom only allows him to drink egg nog at christmas time. he has no clue where to find a good marg

Anonymous said...

" They don't mention it this year, but in past years they've also had a live mariachi band."

This year they will have a DEAD MARIACHI BAND!



Anonymous said...

where will donald trump be celebrating stinko de mayo this year? how about next year as president trump?

Anonymous said...

President Trump? Who will be serving our beans and rice if he gets elected? Syrian refugees maybe??

Anonymous said...

@947- Dyer may finally get a real job

Anonymous said...

Dyer Quit sleepin! Your mom is ready for dinner!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Troll -

Meet me on the corner of Wisconsin and Glensboro at 5 PM - let's settle this feud once and for all.

Robert's Mom

Anonymous said...

Ha ya rite I'll be bar hopping around all of "Robert's" Cinco de Mayo suggestions. You'll have to guess which one!

Anonymous said...

Nice write-up Robert. I look forward to visiting some of these cool places soon. Lastly, I expected all these sorry ass Hands lovin trolls to disappear after the Westbard vote?

Anonymous said...

@4:05PM The sad thing is these aren't from local pre-teens like it sounds. Nope, these are adults. Makes you wonder what values they teach their children. "It's okay to say terrible things about others online, truth or lies, just stay anonymous."

They'll get tired of talking to themselves at some point.

Anonymous said...

4:53 Have their kids read their blog comments out loud!! Too funny.