Thursday, August 16, 2012



Another Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row Exclusive

Remember when I broke the worldwide exclusive scoop that Westin was going to build a luxury hotel at 7740 Wisconsin Avenue last year?

This is why you read this blog every day - fasten your seatbelt, it's about to happen again!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you this exclusive first image of the lobby of the future Westin Bethesda hotel:
Concept of future Westin Bethesda lobby [Photo: Westin]

Westin says the lobby will be inspired by nature, and the centerpiece of the concept is the vertical garden.  In addition to meeting the goal of providing a calming experience in the lobby area, the vertical garden will also improve the space's air quality.

A consulting team from Ambius will select the final plants "for their detoxifying, high-oxygen-producing properties that improve overall air quality," said Westin's Nadeen Ayala.  Westin wants "guests (to) leave feeling better than when they arrived."

The lobby, designed in-house by a team led by Erin Hoover, will have other stress-reducing features.  Gone is the front desk!  In its place, are "check-in pods."  These New Age front desks emit Westin's "signature White Tea scent," and soft music and lighting.

Another area of the lobby will be geared towards business travelers.  The Dock will feature meeting tables with ample power outlets, computers and printers.

Hungry?  Next to the lobby seating, will be the Westin Grab & Go Cafe, with a "lively, engaging lobby bar experience in the evening."

Hmm.  Can that work?  "Excuse me guys, can you keep it down?  I'm trying to give a PowerPoint over here."

Shopoholics rejoice!  The Westin Bethesda gift shop will not only have the basics, but also Heavenly bedding and upscale bath products.

The hotel gym will lend you New Balance shoes (sounds kind of like a bowling alley) "apparel and fitness program content."  That's okay, I brought my own clothes, guys!

Well, it all sounds pretty posh.  But I'm still hoping for a pretentious, upscale, Las Vegas-style nightclub in the Westin.  The only other hotel being built downtown in the near future is the JBG project at Bethesda Row, so we have to get a 5-star nightclub - and outdoor/rooftop pool "dayclub" with cabanas - out of one of these.

Stay tuned for more details, and I'll start saving up my Starwood Preferred Guest points now.

What do you think of the lobby concept?  Are you excited about the Westin Bethesda?


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Robert Dyer said...

Thanks! Hope it is of help to other business travelers who stay in Bethesda hotels frequently.

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